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3 US Military Advisers Killed at Military Base in Jordan


Three US military advisors were shot and killed by local soldiers at a Jordan military base, located near the town of Mann in the south of the country.

3 US Military Advisers Killed at Military Base in Jordan

US Marines instruct a Jordanian soldier on how to fire a M-4 carbine rifle during live-fire training at Al Qatranah Range in Jordan, on August 16, 2005 (Photo: US Marine Corps / Cpl. Eric R. Martin)

On Friday, three US military advisers were killed by local military in Jordan, media reported. The military men were shot, when their vehicle tried to enter the territory of a military base, located near the town of Mann in the south of Jordan.

Reportedly, the US soldiers did not respond to an order to stop the vehicle. Apparently, Jordan military decided that they were suicide attackers, and opened fire. The US military advisers also opened fire in response.

Now, the US authorities hope that Jordan would take all necessary steps to investigate the incident, Press Secretary for the White House, Josh Earnest, said.

In Jordan, US military advisers train new ‘opposition’ militants for fresh projects of the New Syrian Army (NSA), which is prepared by joint efforts of the US, the UK and Jordan. For this purpose, training camps are deployed along the Syrian border, where future jihadists are trained by the US Navy SEALs, the British Special Air Service (SAS), as well as by officers of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Jordanian intelligence.

However, results of the training are not so good yet – the first ‘meeting’ with terrorists turned into a getaway through the desert over a distance of 120 kilometers. But, of course, the US is not going to stop its work, and suddenly such a nuisance – killing of three US soldiers – has occurred.

Jordan is very important for plans of the US on continuation of its attempts to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Without support of the Syrian ‘moderate’ opposition with militants and weapons from the territory of Jordan (mainly on money of Qatar and Saudi Arabia), Assad can seriously think about putting of pressure on militants in the south of the country, where they have enough comfortable conditions for existence due to the fact that the front with the Syrian Army is static here already for a long time, and a part of settlements formally comply with truce, which, in fact, no longer exists.

So, for this reason, the US side, most likely, will smother up the incident, and there will be no big scandal. Though, if this story gets in a millstone of the election campaign, then, maybe, it will have some consequences.



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