3 Killed, 15 Injured In Recent ‘Terrorist Attack’ In Vienna


3 Killed, 15 Injured In Recent 'Terrorist Attack' In Vienna

One of the attackers was shot dead by the police

At least three people were killed in the attack in Vienna, on November 2, Austrian interior Minister Karl Nehammer said. He also added that the killed terrorist was an Islamist and a sympathizer of the Islamic State.

According to Karl Nehammer, the dead terrorist was wearing an explosive belt.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz confirmed that the police regard the incident as a terrorist attack.

“Yesterday we experienced a terrorist attack that was staged by at least one Islamist terrorist, a situation that has not been seen in Austria for decades,” Nehammer told reporters early in the morning.

The shooting occurred at six different points in the first district of the city – Morzinplatz, Salzgris, Seitenstettengasse, Graben, Bauernmarkt and Fleischmarkt.

According to the reports, three people, two men and one woman, were killed in yesterday’s attack and 15 more were injured.

A big number of videos showing the attack were published in social media. However, the police asked not to share any information in social networks and upload it on a special link.

According to Nehammer, eyewitnesses of the incident provided the police with more than 20 thousand videos.

According to available information, there were several attackers, the police are looking for possible accomplices. The operation continues, it involves most of the city’s police and military. Moreover, the search area was expanded, as the terrorists could manage to leave Vienna.

A series of attacks on religious sites and priests is taking place in Europe after the French President E. Macron  made a speech on 2 October, vowing to fight “radical Islamism”, eradicate “separatism” and uphold secular values at all costs.

His Austrian counterpart, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, confirmed his commitment to fight political Islam after 50 men of Turkish origin staged pogrom in a church in Vienna.

This incident is definitely not the last in a series of extremist attacks that have overwhelmed  Europe.




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