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3 Killed, 15 Injured In Recent ‘Terrorist Attack’ In Vienna

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3 Killed, 15 Injured In Recent 'Terrorist Attack' In Vienna

One of the attackers was shot dead by the police

At least three people were killed in the attack in Vienna, on November 2, Austrian interior Minister Karl Nehammer said. He also added that the killed terrorist was an Islamist and a sympathizer of the Islamic State.

According to Karl Nehammer, the dead terrorist was wearing an explosive belt.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz confirmed that the police regard the incident as a terrorist attack.

“Yesterday we experienced a terrorist attack that was staged by at least one Islamist terrorist, a situation that has not been seen in Austria for decades,” Nehammer told reporters early in the morning.

The shooting occurred at six different points in the first district of the city – Morzinplatz, Salzgris, Seitenstettengasse, Graben, Bauernmarkt and Fleischmarkt.

According to the reports, three people, two men and one woman, were killed in yesterday’s attack and 15 more were injured.

A big number of videos showing the attack were published in social media. However, the police asked not to share any information in social networks and upload it on a special link.

According to Nehammer, eyewitnesses of the incident provided the police with more than 20 thousand videos.

According to available information, there were several attackers, the police are looking for possible accomplices. The operation continues, it involves most of the city’s police and military. Moreover, the search area was expanded, as the terrorists could manage to leave Vienna.

A series of attacks on religious sites and priests is taking place in Europe after the French President E. Macron  made a speech on 2 October, vowing to fight “radical Islamism”, eradicate “separatism” and uphold secular values at all costs.

His Austrian counterpart, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, confirmed his commitment to fight political Islam after 50 men of Turkish origin staged pogrom in a church in Vienna.

This incident is definitely not the last in a series of extremist attacks that have overwhelmed  Europe.


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Again, I cant help this entire attack stinks, high heaven, and again, somehow the people responsible, aka the politicians etc is never attacked, always sivlians, never somebody whom is infact in charge, not ever. And in the western JudenPress, I got the impression it was inside an Synagog,, yeah, the way the MSM whines and screked I was dead certain some Joo got wacked, but hey, it was close to an Synagog, yeah, like it was close to an 7eleven, or maybe H&M, maybe an Burgerstand, Pub, but no, it was close to an Synagog in the city center, yeah, talk about spinning.

What to say, when the French attacks where done by scums, of course, again, civlians, never ever anyone in charge, thats why I always questions the sole event, since FFs have been more common than Santa changes trousers, and this, yup, and in the world of politics and FFs timing is everything, lockdowns, etc and then this comes, of course done by the very same people the French and Austrians have fiddled with for decades, the radicals, wahabis, the rabies, the happy head chopping of course modeRats, the worst scums of them all and then this rats backfires on the very same Gov whom have managed, fueled, armed and founded this scums in the first place, this extremists have been broomed for centurys, and the latest now is in the Salafists/wahabi/happy head chopping, of course, moderats/Turdians war on Armenia, this scums witch is even been suported by the uh….. “christan” Russia and Putin, yeah, they all whine about islamic radicals but hey, they are our scums, right, anyone whom fights this are eh…. Nazis.

France is an basket case along with the Austrian political scums, because they have created their leauges of happy head chopping of course modeRats, sucked in millions of them after bombing their nations back to the stone age, of course for been humane and helping them to gain freedome and demonCrasy, right, and in France they have created their own worlds inside French citys, like in Sweden, etc, and the Police dont go there at all, witch leaves them to do whatever they want and mafia groups have flurished, etc, and if anyone even rises their woice on this issue the very same MSM and politicians attacks the people vigeriously, and accuses anyone whom is conserned for been islamaphobic, yup, shopping their own limbs of, or as we say, sawing the very branch the, and French societ sits on, you cannt be more f… up and downright bloody stupid than what this people are, and what they have created in their own nations and now this Mofo have the nerves to whine about terror and blames the very same people they have brought in and by large created to feed the ZATO/ISISraeli war machine/imperialism.

May the lord have mercy upon thos killed, but may the lord burn the politicians and the scums in hell for been the force enabeling this scums to roam our streets. The hypocritical whining is simply nauseating. You Mofo, is reaping, what you have sown.


Miri Nature

Bay the way the states they never show to people clear evidence. Always nothing to see clearly, they hide every time their own terrorists. No one has been tried to be catched until now, state medias shows to us nothing just some amateur pictures or videos. We are not sheep to be foolen, because victims always are ordinary people or religious people but never politicans. The red tie people harm us bay their tools but not them self. Politicans must stop terrorisating people enough Evil Regimes !

Fog of War

And never the ” chosen ” either.

Lazy Gamer

homegrown terrorists are influenced not only online but also on the ground. They should also root out any fanatical accomplices, and masterminds

Dick Von Dast'Ard

I think they used to call these type of terrorist actions ‘Gladio’ in the past.

Wolfgang Wolf

and the austrian President keeps mumbling about “tolerance and love”…. nothing more to add…..

Steve Standley

I don’t know about Austria, but in the US, it is pretty clear now that our own National Security Appparatus, aka the CIA, are staging attacks domestically in order to effect political change. Sad but true. Anyone paying taxes is paying not only to be lied to, but to be subjected to random violence.


So, how are the EU members who took in so many Middle Eastern and African people feel about their decision these days? Of course, they continue to find excuses to support their moronic decisions and even attempt to pass on the blame on free speech. Here’s what Trudeau in Canada stated after a French professor was beheaded because of caricatures:

“We would always defend freedom of expression, but freedom of expression is not without limits.” It was followed by, “In a pluralistic, diverse and respectful society like ours, we must be aware of the impact of our words, of our actions on others, particularly these communities and populations who still experience enormous discrimination.”

Trudeau basically said that it was the professor’s fault. That we need to adapt to those who come to our countries and not the other way around. It’s basically like saying that a beautiful woman waking on the street was raped because of the way she was dressed hence her fault. That’s the mindset of liberal morons.

Rhodium 10

And meanwhile Sultan Erdogan have filled NK-Armenia with thousands of these terrorist…

Potato Man

This incident is definitely not the last in a series of extremist **Freedom Fighters** attacks that have overwhelmed Europe.

The same freedom fighters that Wahhabi+Zion+NATO block love so much….it is the funniest shit to hear EU call these people terrorists but not the same people in Syria-Iraq.

Fog of War

Fake psyops operation. The synagogue gives it away.

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