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3 American’s killed fighting ISIS with YPG in Manbij, Syria


3 American’s killed fighting ISIS with YPG in Manbij, Syria

AlMasdarNews reports: It has been reported that the bodies of three Americans fighting with the Kurdish YPG against ISIS in the northern Syrian city of Manbij had arrived to the U.S. on Tuesday.

Jordan MacTaggart, William Savage and Levi Jonathan Shirley were among a big contingent of foreigner’s fighting for the YPG.

A border official of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) told the Iraq-based Rudaw that the corpses of three Americans were transferred to KRG-controlled Northern Iraq through the Semelka border town.

“The three American fighters were killed during Manbij liberation operations. A U.S. consulate delegation attended the ceremony of returning the three corpses as they were handed over to them,” Shawkat Berbahari said.

These foreign fighters illegally enter Syria to fight with the YPG, who are affiliated with U.S. and E.U. designated terrorist group PKK.



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  • opereta

    Poor dreamers !! They were US Citizens fighting with the YPG against ISIS, an entity created under the auspice of a faction of the US Government !! Tha Nazi-Zionist (IPAC) faction !! God rest their souls !!

    • The Zionist are out of control, and they are very much behind these wars designed to confuse people. Just as the Zionist started both the First and Second World Wars..

    • Tom Johnson

      You are a “stupid” retard.

      • opereta

        Yes Tom Johnson, I am and you are suffering !! If that weren’t so you wouldn’t have said anything !! Sorry for making you suffer….my friend !!

      • Antikapitalista

        “A dead U.S. citizen is a good U.S. citizen.”

  • Join the terrorist, die with the terrorist. This is a rightful lesson to all careerist-solders of the USSA-empire.

  • RedBaron9495

    Great News!!…wipe out all the illegal Americans in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine…..send them back in their body bags!

  • Spunkyhunk

    These were actually the GOOD Americans – who were FIGHTING jihadis, instead of SUPPORTING them. Isn’t ISIS the enemy of the Syrian government and Russia also? Why are idiot commenters on this page applauding their deaths? (Note how their deaths are NOT being trumpeted as heroic, or even mentioned, in the filthy, pro- jihadi Western MSM).