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2S19 Msta-S Self-Propelled Howitzer Spotted In Syria

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2S19 Msta-S Self-Propelled Howitzer Spotted In Syria

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A new photo appeared online showing a Russian-made self-propelled 2S19 Msta-S self-propelled howitzer with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in Syria. The modern howitzer was supplied to the Syrian government by the Russian military.

Few months ago another photo of the 2S19 Msta-S self-propelled howitzer was circulating online. The description of the photo argued that the hoowitzer was set to be supplied to the SAA.

2S19 Msta-S Self-Propelled Howitzer Spotted In Syria

Click to see the full-size image

The 2S19 Msta-S is a self-propelled howitzer armed with a 2A62 152.4mm cannon. The fire range of the Msta-S is up to 29km for traditional projectiles and up to 36km for Rocket Assisted Projectile (RAP). The 2S19 Msta-S can also fire the Krasnopol and Krasnopol-M laser guided projectiles with 40km range. The 2S19 Msta-S is equipped with a modern automated fire control system and has an operation range of over 500km.

From the newly appeared photo it’s possible to see that the howitzer is deployed is a desert area, meaning it’s somewhere in the countryside of Palmyra or north of Suweida. It’s not known yet if the 2S19 Msta-S is operated by Russian or Syrian crews. However, it’s worth mentioning that Russia did hand over dozens of T-90A main battle tanks to the SAA and all of them is operated by the SAA.

In 2015 Russia deployed many 2A65 “Msta-B” towed howitzers in order to support SAA operations.

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Miguel Redondo

The loader has still a hard job ……


eh, doesn’t he always

Leo Jansen

Even our german loaders from the Howitzers that we have they have a Hard Job too!


That’s physically demanding in tight space, looks like he has to manually load the spent cases for ejection as well?

Joe Doe

Let’s put them into service very quickly



Leo Jansen



Krosnopol laser guided rounds are going to find NATO special forces around Tanf, and decimate the marauding confounded goats aka FSA.


Would be nice, but I think Al Tanf should be left alone. Not good to see your forces destroyed in open desert by coalition airstrikes. The priority is ISUS and Deir Ezzor.
FSA can also play a roll against Daesh north of T2 airfield.


FSA is just another US proxy army which they will use to “claim” Syrian territory with . The US wants to cut the Iraq – Syrian connection along the border , be it in al Tanaf or in Deir Ezzor . While it is dubious any of them are Syrian , the claim will be they are “Syrian rebels” .


I think there some deal with Putin to avoid any … confrontation with US coalition forces.


Those forces can have Pantsair air defenses for low flying aircraft, and you do not provide the enemy with a big foot print. ISIS defenses are collapsing, fighting ISIS has become a pretext for the coalition and FSA to position themselves favorably for an eventual partition.
War does not need to be sanitized, Syrian Scuds can attack the airfields US is using for air strikes in southern Syria.

Solomon Krupacek

with such stupidities you only poison the discussion :(


Grow up, are you living in an alternate reality?

Solomon Krupacek

you live. call the cremlin with your LSD fantasies.


I live in a realm of truth. You do not even know how to spell Kremlin.

Tudor Miron

Jesus, there’s no point debating with this Solomon thingy. Don’t feed the troll.


He lives in the realm of being an ignoramus.

Solomon Krupacek


Real Anti-Racist Action

These should be of help when SAA moves to liberate the Golan Heights. All of them so the Syrian people can be safe.

Kristy Rain

Yay! ♡ A real ‘Problem Solver’!
I surely hope these are crewed by disciplined , steady gunners of Syria/Russia ♡
God bless!

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