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2,900 Migrants Died Crossing Mediterranean in 2016

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2,900 Migrants Died Crossing Mediterranean in 2016

More than 240,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean to Europe from the beginning of the year. The latest report from the International Organization for Migration states that this process claimed almost 2,900 lives.

The first half of 2016 became the deadliest on record for migrants. For the same months in 2015, 1,838 people died while crossing the Mediterranean, which is 50% less than this year. In 2014 the figure was even lower – 743 people drowned or went missing making the sea trip.

‘We’ve had almost 3,000 people dead which is really alarming,’ spokesperson for International Organization for Migration, Joel Millman, told Reuters. ‘Europe’s done a remarkable job; they’ve saved thousands of lives this year alone. But almost 3,000 people dead means they’re not doing everything that needs to be done,’ he added.

Almost 2,500 migrants have died using the central Mediterranean route to Italy which has been recognized as the most dangerous.

The latest data on deceased migrants were received a day after the death of 10 women drowned in a rubber boat off the coast of Libya. A few days ago, the Italian navy found a ship that sank in April of last year. The death toll from that disaster stands at about 800.

The UN’s refugee agency (UNHCR) assigned a probability of death of 1/81 while crossing the Mediterranean.

Migration crisis continues despite the agreement with Turkey and the EU’s attempts to improve the situation. It has a negative impact not only on social and criminal situation in the EU’s states, but also claims lives of migrants.

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Marty Davis

Obama has killed 10x’s that many in Syria !

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