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28 Civilians Killed, 100,000 Displaces As Result Of Operation Peace Spring: Monitoring Group


28 Civilians Killed, 100,000 Displaces As Result Of Operation Peace Spring: Monitoring Group

Turkish forces are seen near Mount Barsaya, northeast of Afrin, Syria January 23, 2018. REUTERS/Khalil Ashawi

At total of 28 Syrian civilians, including seven children, have been killed by the Turkish military fire since the begging of Operation Peace Spring in northeast Syria three days ago, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on October 12.

Most of the civilians were killed in Turkish shelling and airstrikes that targeted the towns and cities of Tell Abyad, Ras al-Ayn and Qamishli.

The Turkish-led operation also displaced at least 100,000 civilians, mainly from the border with Turkey, according to the monitoring group.

“The number of displaced people exceeded 100,000 civilians … The displacement of civilians continues from their areas in Tell Abyad, Ras al-Ayn, Darbasiyah and other areas east of the Euphrates,” the SOHR’s report reads.

The Turkish military and the National Syrian Army (NSA) launched Operation Peace Spring on October 9. Since then, Turkish forces has captured more than 27 villages and towns in the northern parts of Raqqa and al-Hasakah.

The operation was facilitated by the U.S, which pulled its forces out from the border line with Turkey. Despite this, the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are still committed to their “alliance” with Washington.

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  • RichardD

    It would be to everyone’s benefit if the Turks entered into an alliance with the Syrian government coalition. Stopped supporting the Idlib terrorists. Abandoned the Yinon plan demographic engineering secessionist terror state “safe zone” plan. Which is starting to look a lot like the vermin Jew rape of Palestine. Helped put a non fly zone in place over NE Syria with their air force and S-400s to keep the Zionist axis of terror out of Syrian skys and prevent it from attacking Syria from Iraq, Jordan, Israel and Lebanon. And opened a two front war against the SDF. With the Turks advancing south to the M4 and severing the SDF Iraqi Kurdistan nexus. And the Syrian government coalition advancing NE across the river to the M4 and Iraqi border.

    This would bring the war to close much faster. Save a lot of lives and money. And bring peace to Syria sooner rather than later.

    • RichardD
      • PZIVJ

        Notice the line is curved so they can not all be taken in one staffing run. :D
        Just kidding, I know it makes a good picture.

    • russ

      Turkey has less than no interest in “everyone’s benefit”.

      • RichardD

        It would be in their interest to get the war over sooner rather than later. The course that they’re on is going to be costly and will drag out for years. An alliance with the Syrian government coalition is a better option for them.

    • RichardD
    • lovethemapples

      Doubtful that it will happen before a buffer is created. Turkey doesn’t trust Assad’s regime. They had a problem with Syrian support to PKK before. So for them the resettlement plan is vital.

      • RichardD

        I’m not aware of a problem with the current Syrian administration. Do you have any links supporting that?

        • lovethemapples

          Adana agreement 1998.

          • RichardD

            That’s not the current administration.

          • lovethemapples

            That is Assad’s government. I wrote Assads government. Read before you reply.

          • RichardD

            That was a different Assad.

          • lovethemapples

            again, read my previous comments, it will be extremely clear to you as soon as you will pay attention.

  • russ

    The fault is 110% the Kurds. They are complete idiots to ever get in bed with us(US). Do they have no concept of history?

    • xTheWarrior22

      Apparently not.

  • Sasan Jamshidi

    My condolences with innocent lives of our Kurdish brothers and sisters in syria, iranian people (not gov) is with you, stay stromg you lonely lions against these hyna savages.

  • You can call me Al

    FUCK “UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).”

  • RichardD

    The Turks are at risk of ethnic cleansing charges where they get rid of the Kurds and replace them with regime change supporters. Just like the Jews did in Palestine.

  • RichardD

    “Ethnic cleansing

    After the Turkish-led forces had captured Afrin District (Afrin Canton) in early 2018, they began to implement a resettlement policy by moving their mostly Arab fighters[43] and refugees from southern Syria[44] into the empty homes that belonged to displaced locals.[45] The previous owners, most of them Kurds or Yazidis, were often prevented from returning to Afrin.[43][44] Though some Kurdish militias of the TFSA and the Turkish-backed civilian councils opposed these resettlement policies, most TFSA units fully supported them.[44] Refugees from Eastern Ghouta, Damascus, said that they were part of “an organised demographic change” which was supposed to replace the Kurdish population of Afrin with an Arab majority.”

    – Turkish occupation of northern Syria –



    That’s quite a headline.
    100,000 civilians have fled from operation PEACE.
    Erdogan likes to sugar coat his offensives with nice words.

  • John Marston

    If Putin will not stop Turkey, they will move with their Jihadist and occupy entire Syrian territory including Damascus and slaughter millions including Assad and his family. Nobody is able to stop Erdogan now. How sad. Not only Trump but even Putin has abbandoned Syrian people. Does anyone know why Putin does not act? Will Syria turn to Jihadist occupied land?

  • jj

    28 civilian deaths in 3 days is still a much lower rate of civilian deaths than U.S.-led wars and bombings.

  • roland

    This is just a Turkish land grab