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JUNE 2021

27.04.2016 Crisis News

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Video editor: Lorenzo Nacci

Norwegian authorities are set to pay to asylum seekers willing to leave the country voluntarily. Asylum seekers who decide to return home will receive 30,000 kroner ($3,600), including 20,000 kroner for travel expenses. The scheme started on April 25 and will run for six weeks

Turkey’s embassy in Stockholm has asked Sweden’s TV4 television network to pull a documentary on the mass killings of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire, urging the channel to “reconsider” because the film “will fail to serve the principle of objectivity.” Turkey believes there was no a genocide of Armenians.

Egyptian military authorities decided to deploy army to protect the strategically important facilities and sites ahead of the nationwide protests expected to take place on Sunday, the Egyptian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Syria and Russian energy holding Inter RAO are finalizing the consultations on the financing of Tishreen-3 power plant construction in the country, Syrian Prime Minister Wael Nader Halqi said Monday. Syria and Russia have signed an agreement on renewing the country’s infrastructure for a total of 850 million euros, Wael Nader added.

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