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JUNE 2023

27.01.2016 Crisis News

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov held a press conference to mark the achievements of Russia’s diplomacy and foreign policy in 2015 on Tuesday. He reiterated that the international law is the only basis of finding solutions to the Syrian conflict, but stressed that Russian aerospace operations in Syria definitely helped to change situation in the country.

Russia’s participation in the war in Syria should be welcomed, because it is vital to bringing an end to the conflict in the Middle East,  Christian Democratic Union (CDU) deputy chairman Armin Laschet stated In his interview with the German television channel Das Erste on Monday.

The crew of the Russian Navy’s Vice Admiral Kulakov, an Udaloy-class destroyer, has held air defense exercises in the Mediterranean, the Russian Defense Ministry’s Northern Fleet spokesman Vadim Serga said Tuesday.

Russia has rejected claims of Moscow’s plan to establish a new airbase in Syria. The general Konashenkov said the allegations were “an awkward attempt to provide a cover-up for the large deployment of Turkish troops to the Syrian border close to Qamishli.”

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