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Over 2,600 Laid Down Arms In Wadi Barada Northwest Of Damascus

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Over 2,600 Laid Down Arms In Wadi Barada Northwest Of Damascus

The Syrian army’s 4×7 Multiple rocket launcher in Wadi Barada, Damascus

Over 2,600 militants have laid down arms in the Wadi Barada area near Damascus. Those who refused to do this are leaving to the Idlib province with their families. However, some Jabhat Fatah al-Sham units are still hiding in the mountains area.

The Russian state-run news agency “TASS” cites Colonel Alexander Blinkov, Spokesman for the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria:

“The local population in the Wada Barada valley is returning to a peaceful civilian life,” he said. “Steps are currently being taken as part of the first stage of a comprehensive reconciliation plan in this area. To date, more than 2,600 people have already legalized their status. Hardcore opposition members who refused to surrender weapons are leaving for the Idlib province with their families with the assistance of the Syrian authorities.” The militants who are filing to adjust their legal status have joined self-defense units.

“The population continues to receive humanitarian aid and basic necessities, such as food packages and medicines,” Blinkov stated.

Earlier this week, reports appeared that a final agreement for reconciliation between the Syrian government and militant groups of Wadi Barada had been reached in Deir Muqrin town.

There are little doubts that soon the whole region will be controlled by government forces.

Over 2,600 Laid Down Arms In Wadi Barada Northwest Of Damascus

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Very good news. The guys that move will clash with the forces already in Idlib. Anything that disturbs the balance of power there is good.

Jacek Wolski

So now the Syrian Army has American pickup trucks ?

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