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26.08.2015 Crisis News

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Kiev Plans to Create 12 More Military Brigades in Donbass, Gorlovka Resident Dies in Ukrainian Artillery Bombardment, Violence in Lebanon’s Capital, Saudi Arabia Cuts Budget Amid Plunging Oil Prices, Best Military, Civilian Aircraft on Display in MAKS-2015

According to official reports, legislatively the strength of Kiev’s army has been set at 250,000. The 22 existing brigades have been reorganized and twelve new brigades are about to be formed. Under state defense contracts the army has received more than 1,300 pieces of military equipment. Also, the Defense Ministry has created a center for development and material support for the Ukrainian armed forces and agreements have been authorized for shifting the army to NATO standards. The Minsk peaceful is going successful.

A resident of the eastern Ukrainian city of Gorlovka has been killed and five others have been wounded in a massive artillery bombardment of the city center by the Ukrainian army overnight on August 25. According to the town’s Mayor Office, 164 civilians were killed there between January and July in the artillery bombardments by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, 501 people were wounded. The city saw the greatest number of children’s deaths from shell bursts — 16 in the first six months of 2015.

Clashes broke out on Tuesday between police and hundreds of demonstrators rallying in Beirut. The violence follows large rallies held over the last three days, where hundreds of protestors have been injured. Protests in Beirut began on Saturday night and continued into Tuesday. Uncollected garbage in the capital triggered the outburst of mass anger. Throughout Tuesday, about 50 protesters and police officers were injured as protests calling for the government to resign turned violent. Tuesday’s rally was called by the “You Stink” group, which staged the protest to denounce the garbage problem, as well as “sectarian politics” and “corrupted government”. Meanwhile, Lebanon’s cabinet held a meeting which failed to find a solution to the crisis.

Saudi Arabia is preparing to cut billions of dollars from its budget amid a steady drop in crude oil prices. Reportedly, Riyadh is currently working with advisers to review capital spending plans and delay some projects. The government is in the early stages of the review and could look at cutting investment spending, estimated to be about 382 billion riyals ($102 billion) this year, by about 10 percent or more. The Saudi budget, which draws some 90 percent of its revenue from the petroleum sector, has been heavily hit by a 50 percent drop in oil prices and is expected to incur a deficit amounting to 20 percent of GDP in 2015, the International Monetary Fund has estimated. We remember Saudi Arabia’s budget had been prepared based on an estimated crude oil price of $106 per barrel.

The international biannual aerospace show at Zhukovsky Airfield in the Moscow Region has opened for experts on Tuesday, lasting from August 25-30. The MAKS-2015 air show is expected to attract at least 400,000 visitors. Some 760 companies from 27 countries (estimated 609 Russian and 151 foreign) are taking part in the event, while delegates from over 80 countries are planning to attend. Russia is set to actively promote homemade passenger and cargo aircraft on both the domestic and foreign markets. On Tuesday, the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company signed an agreement with the State Transport Leasing Company to supply thirty two Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft to regional civil aviation companies. There are currently fifty-six SSJ100 aircraft operating in civil aviation.

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