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26.06.15 SouthFront Daily Digest

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Armenian Protests, China slams US Human Rights Report, Migrants in EU, Protests in France, Death toll in South Korea’s MERS outbreak, Terrorist Act in Kuwait Mosque.




  1. Armenia Protesters Put Forward Three Demands to Government

 26.06.15 SouthFront Daily DigestThe protesters are asking that Armenian authorities put on hold the decision on raising the household electricity tariffs, start talks on the lowering of the tariffs with activists and hold accountable the police officers who used force against activists and journalists earlier this week.

Protests against the raising of electricity fees started in Yerevan on June 19. Police dispersed the protesters using water cannons. About 240 of the demonstrators were taken to police stations.

Materials of Sputnik 

  1. China Slams US Human Rights Report

26.06.15 SouthFront Daily DigestBeijing has answered the US with its own annual Human Rights Record of the United States in 2014, which was released by the country’s State Council Information Office on Friday.

“While its own human rights situation was increasingly grave, the US violated human rights in other countries in a more brazen manner, and was given more ‘red cards’ in the international human rights field.”

Materials of Sputnik

  1. EU leaders Agree to Relocate 40,000 Migrants

26.06.15 SouthFront Daily DigestNew figures from the UN refugee agency UNHCR show that 63,000 migrants have arrived in Greece by sea this year and 62,000 in Italy.

“Leaders agreed that 40,000 persons in need will be relocated from Greece and Italy to other states over the next two years,” Mr Tusk told reporters. “Interior ministers will finalise the scheme by the end of July.”

Leaders also agreed to resettle another 20,000 refugees who are currently outside the EU. French President Francois Hollande said he expected most of them to be Syrians and Iraqis, AP reported.

Materials of BBC

  1. Anti-Uber Protests by Paris Taxi Drivers

26.06.15 SouthFront Daily DigestThe taxi drivers, angry over Uber’s incursion into their industry, have vowed that the demonstrations will continue through Friday. 2,800 taxi drivers were protesting across the country. Taxi drivers also blocked access to Marseille and Aix train stations and protested on the main access to Marseilles-Provence airport.

France’s licensed drivers have lost between 30% and 40% of their income over two years because of the growth of UberPOP. But licensed taxi drivers have been criticised for being slow to adopt the app-based geolocation technology behind Uber’s success.

Materials of BBC

  1. Death toll in South Korea’s MERS outbreak rises to 31

26.06.15 SouthFront Daily DigestThe announcement brings the total number of deaths from the South Korean outbreak to 31. A total of 181 South Koreans have been infected with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus, including those who have died and those who have recovered.

Eighty-two patients are currently receiving treatment for MERS, the ministry said.

It is the largest outbreak of the virus outside of Saudi Arabia, where MERS — which belongs to the same family of viruses as SARS and the common cold — was first identified in 2012.

Materials of CNN


  1. Suicide Bomber Blows Himself Up in Kuwait Mosque

26.06.15 SouthFront Daily DigestThe mosque was targeted during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, which started last week. At least 8 people were killed and about 30 injured after a suicide bomber blew himself up in a Shiite mosque in the Gulf nation of Kuwait during Friday prayers.

The attack took place at the Imam Al-Sadeq mosque in the country’s capital during the holy month of Ramadan.

Materials of Sputnik

Three Demands to Government in Armenia; China slams US Human Rights Report; EU leaders Agree to Relocate 40,000 Migrants; Anti-Uber Protests by Paris Taxi Drivers; Death toll in South Korea’s MERS outbreak rises to 31, Terrorist Act in Kuwait Mosque.

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