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JUNE 2023

2,500 Terrorists Killed & Wounded in Western Aleppo in Last Days

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The Syrian Army killed and wounded about 2,500 terrorists during a large-scale offensive of terrorist groups on positions of Syrian troops in the western and southwestern parts of Aleppo city.

2,500 Terrorists Killed & Wounded in Western Aleppo in Last Days

About 2,500 terrorists, including a large number of non-Syrian militants, were killed and wounded during the so-called Great Epic Operation, a large-scale offensive of terrorists on positions of the Syrian Army in the western and southwestern parts of Aleppo city, in the past 6 days, the Arabic service of RT reported, citing sources, close to terrorist groups.

As other sources reported earlier today, some 16,000 terrorists took part in the operation, the goal of which was removal of the siege of eastern districts of Aleppo, held by terrorist groups. They also added that the operation failed, and it was the most devastating failure of terrorists since the beginning of the Syrian war.

“The Great Epic Operation was the largest offensive of terrorists on government troops’ position since the start of the crisis in Syria,” the sources said.

On Tuesday afternoon, a fresh round of attacks was launched by terrorists of the Jaish al-Islam (previously known as the Liwa al-Islam) group on positions of the Syrian Army in western part of the city of Aleppo.

Terrorists’ attacks in Jamiyat al-Zahra and the Assad Military-Engineering Academy were repelled by Syrian soldiers. As result, terrorists suffered heavy losses.

Bomb-laden suicide vehicles were actively used by terrorists during their attacks on government’s positions, however, most of them were destroyed by Syrian troops before the vehicles approached to army’s positions.

A terrorists’ offensive was also repulsed by the Syrian Army in Menyan region.

There also were clashes between Syrian soldiers and terrorists in Zahiyeh al-Assad district and its surrounding areas. Currently, terrorists are being pushed back from the district by the government forces.

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Ole Johansen



2500 haha but just on southfront


A good start. So how many does that leave?


Well, it’s sort of like the Michael Caine film Zulu.



Good work SAA, they are fighting against difficult odds it appears (16K is creditable). But their ten (T90) tanks are good ones!


And this time, no cease fires just as victory is near!

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