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25 Yemeni Civilians Killed In Two Saudi Airstrikes. Houthis Launch Rocket At Saudi Airport

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25 Yemeni Civilians Killed In Two Saudi Airstrikes. Houthis Launch Rocket At Saudi Airport

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On April 20, more than twenty Yemeni civilians were killed in an airstrike of the Saudi-led coalition that targeted a car in Mawza district of the southwestern province of Taiz, according to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV. The source said that the victims were on their way back from the al-Barah market in Mawaza when their car was targeted.

Earlier, five civilians were reportedly killed in a similar airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition that had targeted a civilian area in Haydan district of the northern province of Saada.

As usual, the Saudi-led coalition didn’t comment on the attack and the attack didn’t receive a wide coverage from the mainstream media. Moreover, no international organization has condemned the attack, so far.

In a related development, the Yemeni Missiles Forces [loyal to the Houthis] announced that it had shelled the regional airport in the southern Saudi province of Jizan with a Badir-1 artillery rocket. The same airport was shelled by the Houthis on April 18.

Saudi sources claimed that the Royal Saudi Air Defense Force (RSADF) intercepted the Houthis rocket over Jizan province with its Patriot surface-to-air missile system. However, these claims have not been verified.

The Saudi-led coalition has stepped up its bombing campaign on Yemen over the last two months in response to a series of the Houthis’ missile attacks on several areas inside Saudi Arabia.

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Jozsef Osztronkovics

Sausi the sick war criminals —• WAR will continue by Zionist Jews, using American and Saudi Arabia as “useful murderes idiots”

Peter Ravenscroft

Salman of Saudi is one of humanity’s worst war criminals, and the ICC rules must change, so he and his like go to jail for life. Also, the criminal weapons touts supplying him, from the British royal family up, must be charged also. We have to scrap the obscene weapons cabal called the UN Security Council, with its functions, barring vetoes, being taken over by the UN General Assembly. Which needs to move out of New York, as the USA will not obey international law. Peter Spencer Ravenscroft, Australia.

Russie Unie

Fuck USA + Saudis + Great Britain + Israel + France !!!

Russie Unie


Russie Unie


Russie Unie

Save Yemen from the zionists ! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a4bd88994ca9b90734c093a1ba02f065ce993cdda2d72fea73e7fc94c8708ccb.jpg


Ah Wahhabi motherfuckers, your time will come soon don’t worry about it, soon or later the war will knock on your door.


Don’t go down this road, South Front. The MSM made the mistake during the bombardment of Gouta of characterizing all the deaths as civilian. Then as now it is certainly true that the majority of the deaths were civilians but no one can pretend that no soldiers were also killed.

Samuel Boas

You are right, it can’t be verified that soldiers weren’t killed too. But it is important that SF at least publishes about it.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There are unfortunately irrefutable evidence to date to say otherwise even US drone strikes in Yemen have proven to strike civilian targets. What I want is for you to stop with trying to start disinformation in regards to the most under reported conflict where the West creates it’s own narrative about in contrary evidence to facts which are proven reliable.

Let’s look at the facts the Western-backed Blockade has led to starvation and shortage of medical supplies which has brought disease and famine conditions, Welcome to WW2 style of starvation and deprivation used by both sides in the conflict the last to use it was the Allies which led to deaths of millions of people at the end of the war , and blame the West for what the Nazis were accused of, which the west have been covering up for decades.


Troll alert. https://goo.gl/images/HDmSna

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The only one being a troll is you as your argument lacks substance other than some lame gif , usually block when redirects me to an Zio-troll site.

คงศักดิ์ วงศ์ชูศรี

Where is United Nation?

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