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MAY 2021

25 Soldiers Were Killed In Taliban Attack On Military Base In Afghanistan (Map Update)

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On March 1, the Taliban carried out an attack on a major military base in southern Afghanistan, killing at least 25 troops and taking “a number of others” hostage.

A group of Taliban members in military uniforms, including suicide bombers, stormed the Shorab base in Helmand province, which also housed U.S. troops. The clashes continued over 24 hours, but the attack was repelled.

Pro-government sources claim that from 9 to 20Taliban members were killed.

25 Soldiers Were Killed In Taliban Attack On Military Base In Afghanistan (Map Update)

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hey morons, how’s that peace coming along? can you see the end of your afghan misery – didn’t think so and all the while fatso and bdbugcrazy bolton delay and delay trying to find a second wind in the failure – but there is no second winds in afghanistan so you better negotiate with one of the stan countries to take your stuff back home, cause you’re done there, the glorious talibans run circles around you morons while you scratch your heads trying to understand what is happening – ina short while you’ll leave by helicopter, like in vietnam in 1975. what a friggin pathetic lot you morons are.

You can call me Al

Yankers and Helmond….!!!. When the British had a base in Helmond, the US continued to chastise our troops because we brought relative peace and stability to the area by venturing out and talking / mixing with the locals and tribe leaders therefore, I hope that the Taliban storms that base and kills every soldier and if I am allowed 1 wish, it would be let there be a few dozen US Americans in there.


My guess is that US is trying to find a good story for the media to sell, such as ‘peace deal signed by all sides in Afg, US no longer has a reason to stay there’….they will pack their things and leave asap. then another ‘fall of Saigon’ will occur but this time ‘fall of Kabul’ will be the name……

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