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25.08.2015 Crisis News

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Donetsk Marks Ukraine Independence Day, Russia to Prepare 37th Donbas Aid Convoy,
Senior Saudi Army Commander Killed in Yemeni Attack, US Ready to Deploy B-52 Strategic Bombers in S. Korea, Italian Coast Guard Picks Up 4,400 Refugees and Migrants, Global Markets Collapse on ‘Black Monday’

Several thousand people in Donetsk are demonstrating against Kiev’s policy on Monday. Residents organized a flash mob in the center of the DPR capital. Demonstrators unfurled flags of the public organization “Young Republic”, DPR flags and posters saying “Poroshenko is a murderer” and “Poroshenko is a fool in US’ circus”. At the same time, a unity march devoted to Ukraine Independence Day is underway in Kiev. Around 2,500 servicemen are taking part in the march.

Russia’s Emergencies Ministry has started preparing the 37th humanitarian aid convoy for Donbas that will deliver textbooks for the new school year in Donbass region. The humanitarian aid convoy will consist of more than 40 trucks that carry around 700 tons of aid.

The commander of the Saudi eighteenth army brigade, Major General Abdul Rahman bin Saad al-Shahrani, was killed in an attack by Yemeni forces while inspecting military deployments along the kingdom’s southern border regions, Saudi Arabian armed forces announced in a statement released by the official Saudi Press Agency on Sunday. Earlier in the day, Yemeni troops took control of two Saudi army bases in the border region of Jizan.

The United States is preparing to deploy B-52 strategic bombers and a nuclear-powered submarine in South Korea amid strained tensions on the peninsula, media reported Monday. The bombers will be equipped with bunker buster bombs. Last week, North Korea fired shells at a South Korean military base across the demilitarized zone in attempt to stop propaganda broadcasting from loudspeakers. Seoul responded with dozens of heavy artillery rounds. On Saturday, the conflicting neighboring countries began the first round of high-level talks to reduce escalated tensions.

Around 4,400 refugees and migrants were picked up by the Italian Coast Guard in Mediterranean waters, Saturday. The refugees and migrants were travelling aboard rafts and boats that were found in distress off the coast of Libya. A total of 22 operations were carried out to transfer the migrants aboard Coast Guard vessels for onward transportation to ports in Italy.

Panic took its toll on global markets as Chinese stocks suffered their biggest one-day percentage loss since 2007, closing down 8.5% on Monday. The China-jitters resulted in the worst day for European markets since 2008. China stocks slumped about 7.63 percent on Tuesday, touching eight-month lows, as “Black Monday” contagion continued to sweep across global markets, forcing investors to dump shares. This situation plays into hands of the USA. Since Monday, purchasing power of dollar has risen on at least 5-8 perecent in contrast with the currencies of the emerging countries. In contrast to 2008, now, the US officials can argue that the crisis was conducted by China and other states of Asia. “Markets are crashing – all caused by poor planning and allowing China and Asia to dictate the agenda”, stated republican presidential candidate and oligarch Donald Trump. An American oligarch will allow the world what to do. Okay.

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25.08.2015 Crisis News 25.08.2015 Crisis News 25.08.2015 Crisis News 25.08.2015 Crisis News 25.08.2015 Crisis News

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