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24.01.2016 Crisis News

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Syria’s authorities have confirmed that Russia’s humanitarian aid was successfully delivered to the Syrian cities blocked by terrorists, Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Jan.22. Earlier, the Russian defense ministry said that more than 50 tons of relief aid had been delivered from Russia to Syria since January 15.

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced Friday that the country was now shut to transiting migrants. Sections of the Hungarian-Romanian border may be fenced off to that end, he added, stressing that Europe cannot continue to accommodate large numbers of migrants. “Let the [migrant] route turn where it wants, but it will not go through Hungary, that’s for certain,” Orban emphasized.

More than 1,200 people fell victim to attacks on New Year’s Eve in four German cities with more than a half of them suffering from sexual assaults, State Interior Minister Ralf Jager said in his report to the regional parliament on Jan.21. So far, the total number of identified suspects amounts to 52 people, the overwhelming majority of whom “are not German citizens,”Jager added.

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