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23.06.15 SouthFront Daily Digest

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BBC Cuts Key Quotes, Killed IS Militants, Kurds ‘Capture Key Syrian Base’, Dialogue Between China and US, Pakistan Heatwave, Protests in Armenia, Protests Close Channel Tunnel Between England and France.

1. BBC Interviews Yanukovich, Leaves Key Donbass & Crimea Quotes Out of English Version

23.06.15 SouthFront Daily DigestYanukovich said that the Crimean referendum of March 2014, which saw overwhelming support for splitting from Ukraine, was a choice between war and peace.

When the interviewer pressed him to say whether what happened in Crimea was a “tragedy” or a “triumph of justice,” Yanukovich said it was a tragedy, but from the people’s perspective the choice was reasonable. He also said to attempt to get Crimea back with force was not an option for Kiev.

Materials of RT

2. At Least 26 ISIL Militants Killed in Airstrikes in Northern Syria

23.06.15 SouthFront Daily DigestAt least 26 Islamic State (IS) militants were killed in the US-led coalition’s airstrikes in northern Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said on Tuesday.

According to the monitor, the airstrikes took place not far from IS stronghold Raqqa city. Most of the militants were Syrian, and their bodies were delivered to the city.

Materials of RT

3. Kurds ‘Capture Key Syrian Base’ North of Raqqa from IS

23.06.15 SouthFront Daily DigestKurdish forces in northern Syria say they have captured a key military base from Islamic State (IS) north of the militants’ self-declared capital of Raqqa. The Kurdish Popular Protection Units (YPG) were backed by US-led air strikes and other rebel groups. It comes a week after Kurdish forces seized a Syrian border crossing with Turkey from the jihadists.

Materials of BBC

4. U.S., China Begin Annual Dialogue Under Cloud of Mistrust

23.06.15 SouthFront Daily DigestThis week more than 400 Chinese officials are descending on Washington for three days of political, security and economic talks.

But this year’s dialogue is clouded by mistrust and heightened tensions over China’s assertiveness in the South China Sea and suspicions Beijing was behind a massive hack on U.S. government computers in which millions of personnel files were stolen.

Materials of CNN

5. Pakistan Heatwave: Emergency Measures as Toll Nears 700

23.06.15 SouthFront Daily DigestHundreds of people have died in a three-day heatwave affecting Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi, according to local media reports. Officials have been criticised for not doing enough to tackle the crisis.

There is anger among local residents at the authorities because power cuts have restricted the use of air-conditioning units and fans, correspondents say. Matters have been made worse by the widespread abstention from water during daylight hours during the fasting month of Ramadan..

Materials of BBC

6. 15,000 Take to Streets of Armenian Capital Over Utilities Rate Hike

23.06.15 SouthFront Daily DigestThe protest’s organizers noted that they would wait until 8pm local time (4pm GMT) for police to free those being detained, before deciding on what to do next. Presently gathered on Freedom Square, the protesters had intended to move on to Marshal Bagramyan Avenue to the Presidential Administration, but were turned back by police before reaching the building.

Materials of Sputnik

7. Protests Close Channel Tunnel Between England and France

23.06.15 SouthFront Daily DigestAll traffic was suspended starting at 3 p.m. local time (9 a.m. ET), because protesters broke into the tunnel entry site in France and set tires on fire, a Eurotunnel press officer told CNN. He declined to give his name.

The Eurostar train service shut down operations completely. “We have been advised by Eurotunnel that we will be unable to run any services for the rest of the day. Normal services will resume tomorrow,” said a statement on the Eurostar website.

Materials of CNN

BBC Interviews Yanukovich, Leaves Key Donbass & Crimea Quotes Out of English Version; Killed IS Militants; Kurds ‘Capture Key Syrian Base’; Dialogue Between China and US; Pakistan Heatwave; Protests in Armenia; Protests Close Channel Tunnel Between England and France.


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