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JUNE 2023

22.12.2015 Yemen Crisis News

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SouthFront is asking you to not judge this video critically. It’s made by our friend, Cineprem. This is his second video. We together are working to rise the quality of his further products.

At least 68 people have been reportedly killed in fresh clashes between the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthi alliance in north-west Yemen near the Saudi border. Fighting erupted near the town of Harad. Clashes have continued despite a UN-backed ceasefire and peace talks in Switzerland which began last Tuesday.

On December 20, the Yemeni army and popular forces destroyed the Saudi military positions in Safer region tof he province of Ma’rib with their new Qaher-I ballistic missiles, killing tens of the kingdom’s force. Also, several Apache helicopters and spying drones were destroyed. On December 19, the Saudi-led Coalition Forces and pro-Hadi militants suffered another blow in Southern Yemen when a Tochka ballistic missile hit their camp in Ma’rib province, and killed over 180 troops, including Saudi and UAE officers.

The United Nations says peace talks between warring sides in Yemen have ended amid severe new fighting in the country. The peace talks between the Houthi alliance and the Saudi-led coalition’s representatives began on Tuesday in the Switzerland. A fierce fighting and heavy airstrikes by a Saudi-led coalition pounded northern Yemen since on Saturday, as the two main parties in the country’s conflict continued to violate a cease-fire.

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