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22.06.2015 Crisis News

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An aide to Ukraine’s Defense Minister, Aleksandr Kolomiyets, has joined the forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic. ‘I am Aleksandr Kolomiyets, a major-general of the Ukrainian Armed Force, and my latest position was that of a chief military analyst and aide to the Ukrainian defense minister,’ he told a news conference at the Donetsk News Agency. Many of his former fellow servicemen, too, were prepared to join the republics’ militias, he said.

Taliban militants started storming the Afghan parliament building with several explosions and gunfire on Monday morning. Reportedly, suicide bombers participated in the assault. Nine blasts were heard in total. One blast occurred one hour after the attack. According to health officials, 25 civilians, including five women and three children, were hospitalized.

The US Army’s inspector general conducted a three-year investigation into whistleblower allegations that Maj. Gen. Dana Pittard had abused his authority in awarding fellow West Point graduates a $492,000 contract. A high-ranking US Army commander, who oversaw the training of Iraqi forces in 2014, has been disciplined for awarding his former military classmates a defense contract. What do we say to the war on corruption in US? Not today!

The EU Naval Force Med operation foresees the seizure of ships trafficking illegal immigrants from North Africa across the Mediterranean to Europe as well as the prosecution of the ships’ captains. The operation has been launched without UN approval. We remember, nearly 2,000 immigrants have drowned at the sea while risking the crossing it in 2015.

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22.06.2015 Crisis News   22.06.2015 Crisis News   22.06.2015 Crisis News   22.06.2015 Crisis News   22.06.2015 Crisis News

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Jos Boersema

Hello, The title on the youtube for this seems to say 23rd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxWJSzRvXww ? regards.

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