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21 ceasefire breaches in Syria recorded in last 24 hours

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21 ceasefire breaches in Syria recorded in last 24 hours

AlMasdarNews reports: Syrian and Russian military officials have recorded a total of 21 ceasefire breaches by militant forces in the last 24 hours alone.

They total to:

4 in Jobar, Damascus, 

5 in eastern Ghouta , Bala and around Arbeen

2 in Aleppo , Aleppo castle and artillery base

4 in Homs countryside, Jaboureen , Harsh Tasnin , Al-Ghirbal and around Rastan

2 in Qunitrah, Tal Ahmar and Hader

1 in Deraa, old customs building

3 in Hama, Ma`an , Al-Shair

The United States has failed after an extended period to separate the moderate rebels from the Islamist militants, making the ceasefire a frustrating process for Russia.

With the latest U.S. airstrikes that killed over 80 Syrian Army soldiers, Russia has warned that the ceasefire is now in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Russia has acknowledged it is doing all it can to protect the ceasefire agreement.

“Russia is exterting all possible effort to restrain Government troops from returning fire,” Senior Army General Viktor Poznikhir said.

Russia are making suggestions that the game has now changed in Syria with the latest airstrikes by the United States.

Speaking on Rossiya 24 Television the Rusisan Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova said: “If earlier we had suspicions that the Nusra Front is protected this way, now, after today’s airstrikes on the Syrian army we come to a really terrifying conclusion for the entire world: the White House is defending IS [ISIS or Daesh).”

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Divesh Kumar

When they erratically strike SAA they take 62 lives in one go however when they go for ISIS, US strikes take about a month to kill this much ISIS. US is dancing nude in front of whole world and its irony that no one can stop that

Don't mind dis

If the US, RUSSA,IRAN,THE TERROIST HEZBOLLAH would have stayed out of syria this war would have ended years ago


“Russia is exterting all possible effort to restrain Government troops from returning fire,” Senior Army General Viktor Poznikhir said.

This is the problem, this is why there are ceasefires breaches in the first place. Not firing back will only encourage them to do so again.

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