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21.08.2015 Crisis News

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N. Korea Declares Readiness for War Following Exchange of Fire, Macedonia Declares State of Emergency Over Surge in Migrants, Israel Striked Damascus Military Targets in Golan Heights, Greek PM Tsipras Confirmed His Resignation

After South Koreas military shelled North Koreas border area apparently in response to an earlier shelling from the North Kim Jong-un has ordered full military readiness for war, unless Seoul scraps its anti-Pyongyang propaganda. The leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Kim Jong-un has ordered frontline combined forces to enter a state of war on Friday, the official KCNA news agency reports. The announcement comes after an exchange of fire between the rivals earlier on Thursday. According to the KBS broadcaster in South Korea, the Norths shells targeted a military loudspeaker that has been broadcasting anti-Pyongyang propaganda across the border. North Korea has repeatedly demanded the removal of such loudspeakers, calling them provocative.

Macedonia has declared a state of emergency on its southern and northern borders over a surge in migrants and refugees, the Interior Ministry announced. The country said it would involve the army in confronting the crisis. Interior Ministry spokesman Ivo Kotevski stated that the uthorities may have moved to seal off illegal routes used by the migrants and refugees. Thousands of migrants were stranded on Thursday in a ‘no-man’s land’ between Macedonia and Greece, near the Macedonian town of Gevgelija. From there, they planned to catch trains that would take them to the Serbian border, and onto Hungary, where they would benefit from Europe’s borderless Schengen zone.

Israel has pounded with artillery and launched airstrikes against 14 Syrian military positions in Golan Heights, holding Damascus responsible for failing to prevent a rocket attack on Israeli territory which the IDF pinned on an Iran funded Islamic Jihad group. In addition to Golan airstrikes by the Israeli military, unconfirmed reports emerged that the IDF also targeted Syrian 137th Regiment near Damascus. We remember, in the latest International Military Review, SouthFront reported that IDF has been exercising preparations for a ground invasion into Syria.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has confirmed his resignation and early election plans for Greece in a live address. The move comes after Athens managed to pay a huge chunk of its €3.4 billion debt to the ECB. Tsipras said that he will now be looking for the Greek people to vote to continue the government program of his leftist Syriza party. Alexis Tsipras was one of few who tried to defend the sovereignty of Greece faced a hard economic crisis and political pressure of the EU. Now, the future of the country is hidden under a fog of uncertainty.

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21.08.2015 Crisis News 21.08.2015 Crisis News 21.08.2015 Crisis News 21.08.2015 Crisis News 21.08.2015 Crisis News

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