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JUNE 2021

2,083 ‘Terrorists’ Neutralized In Operation Olive Branch In Afrin – Turkish Military

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On February 27, the Turkish Armed Forces’ General Staff announced that 2,083 ‘terrorists’ had been neutralized since the start of Operation Olive Branch in the Syrian area of Afrin.

Operation Olive Branch was launched on January 20. It involved units of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army. The goal of the effort is to purge the Afrin area from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and other Kurdish militias.

On February 26, Turkey deployed additional units of the Gendarmerie Special Operations (JOH) for further operations against the YPG. The JOH will reportedly be involved in urban warfare against Kurdish forces.

The TAF and its proxies are developing their operation against the YPG despite the recent UN resolution introducing a ceasefire across Syria.

2,083 'Terrorists' Neutralized In Operation Olive Branch In Afrin - Turkish Military

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Lelouch Vi Britannia

Great job

Bulgarian God

Kill all Assad subhuman terrorists bastards! Nuke that bitches ! Oh yeaaah! :)
Kurds must not cooperate with SAA terrorists cockroaches !

roberto silveira



Bulgarian shit…same color like Bulgarians and gypsies ^^


God, do I miss Solomon. His trolling really looks of epic intelligent proportions compared to this juvenile drivel.


Just ignore this Israeli bastard.


Solomon was recently spotted on vacation in Costa Rica :)
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FCK this Israeli bastard.


Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan could opened their military bases in Palestine and arm and train Palestinian army but they couldn’t. They have not helped Palestinians to save their country and this was a big mistake. Still they can opened their military bases there in Palestine if they want to protect their brother country from further human and land loses.


And how much percent of Afrin does Erdogan now have? 21% ?

Hillary Trump 4 potus naaaaw

Turkey will win this.

John Trudgian

The Kurds would rather die than co-operate with Assad. Turkey agrees with their choice.

You can call me Al

F it, the Syrians can kill them all in my book.


US, UK and Israel preparing air strike on Syria to stop Syrian led coalition advance in the Damascus capital area.


Turkeys claims remain as laughable as ever. Daily lossess of invaders are mounting to 30 to 40 a day, every day two to three or more tanks etc destroyed.

Omera village, unreported, recaptured.

Soon turkish special “police” forces will be largely killed, before they can even assault Afrin city itself.

Equal Treatment

2000 terrorists-is that more or less than Zionists killed in Gaza fighting terrorists- who ever you are fighting is terrorists. Turkey now occupation army, Iran and Russia and Hezbollah now occupation armies.

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