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2020: The Year The Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Went To “Check On The Troops” In D.C. Streets

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

It’s the topper to an already insane year full of multiple ‘apocalyptic scenarios’ and we’re merely halfway through.

It wasn’t just Army blackhawks swooping down on protests in D.C. last night, but in an unprecedented moment both the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of Defense appeared on city streets to “check on the troops”.

An estimated 1,200 to 1,700 DC National Guard were called up over the weekend and deployed to D.C. streets, more easily done in the federal district given it’s not a state and they are already directly under the federal chain of command. Joint Chiefs chairman Gen. Mark Milley was in a sense on “the battlefield” inspecting the “battle lines” after Trump designated him “in charge” of the protest response.

2020: The Year The Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Went To "Check On The Troops" In D.C. Streets

Screenshot: Gen. Mark Milley on the streets of D.C. Monday night, June 1, 2020.

Kelley Vlahos at The American Conservative described that Congressional hawks have turned their penchant for military intervention abroad right back onto American streets, a frighteningly easy and natural transition for them:

Earlier, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper called it “dominating the battlespace.” Senator Tom Cotton, a combat veteran and hawk of first order, said in a Tweet, that  “if necessary, the 10th Mountain, 82nd Airborne, 1st Cav, 3rd Infantry—whatever it takes to restore order. No quarter for insurrectionists, anarchists, rioters, and looters.”

Later Esper and General Milley were seen walking the streets, giving interviews, shaking hands with police.

Milley, donned in his fatigues, told reporters he was “checking” to see how well the deployed D.C. National Guard were doing and said “everyone has the right to protest …. But protest peacefully.”

Indeed signs were everywhere that the federal government is now treating civilian streets as actually a battlespace.

It was a ‘photo op’ moment akin to generals and the occasional Congressman visiting the streets of Baghdad or Kabul in prior years to show “all is fine”.

Of course, it’s not the first time federal troops are policing inside domestic cities. Here’s a timeline of the 12 instances presidents used federal troops on domestic soil.

But no less than the nation’s top general and the Secretary of Defense making the rounds on city streets is a rare one, unmatched in recent US history.

It’s a Hollywood script come to real life, if one recalls especially the 1998 movie The Siege:

Vlahos at The American Conservative continues on the deeper, long-term implications:

It also sends a message, I’m afraid, that we suddenly have an occupying army. This tends to rub some Americans the wrong way. It’s kind of in our DNA. We have accepted, for good or bad, that the laws allow this incursion from time to time but also, that it has often, like President Hoover calling on Gen. MacArthur to bulldoze the World War I Bonus Army marchers, pitted the Army against its own citizens.

Only halfway through 2020, and the Pentagon is deployed to city streets.

* * *

2020: The Year The Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Went To "Check On The Troops" In D.C. Streets

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rightiswrong rightiswrong

Welcome to the New World Order.

The only nation in which the US Army can actually win a war. lol

Zionism = EVIL

These fat lardass cunts have been “trained” by the Zionist child killers and can only kill unarmed women and children.

Ivan Freely

What? The US Army victorious against US citizens? ROFL Oh boy, are you in for a surprise.


Never seen since Katrina hurricane, 15 years ago.

Tudor Miron

Those who think that this is “people” protesting on the streets of US are either clueless or deliberately ignorant. This is nothing other than US country level elites invoking their well tested and tried “color revolution” recepie in their own country.


Invoking a revolution against themselves? lol

Tudor Miron

There’s nothing about revolution against themselves.That’s a desperate attempt to remove Trump, get the power back to US country level elites and try to preserve US role of world gegemon. I said many years ago – US is being removed from its role of world policeman by the same powers that created it. In 2016 I posted here that civil war is coming to US soil.
My prediction – this poorly orchestrated attempt will fail. Trump will keep doing what he does. In very few years US will be very different than what it used to be.
And there are no good side in this struggle.


Military and finance elite do better with some one like 06ama…Trump is too obvious and does not play well with propaganda outlets (media) nor key us.allied Globalist institutions like EU. Soros funds BLM

Tudor Miron

Trump is not that simple as he looks – he does what he is supposed to do. But that is totally against US country level elites interests.

You can call me Al

Definition of revolution = “a forceful overthrow of a government by the people or any sudden or grand change.”, so taking no sides here Tudor man, he is absolutely correct and yes a revolution obviouly can have outside interference / backing.

Tudor Miron

I agree to that definition Al, even if it’s a bit incomplete. But key words are “against themselves”.

Zionism = EVIL

BS you moron.

good american

Usually the purpose is to topple the regime in charge, right? Remember how Obama et al was implicated more each day in the obamagate scandal? Hmmm… that has certainly disappeared from radar, hasn’t it?

Tudor Miron

Yes, regime change. As it always is. Each and every “color revolution” had nothing to do with needs of common people (despite those sheeple on the streets thinking that its about them). That Floyd guy is not a victim of brutal police behavior. Its a sort of sacrificial lamb used as a trigger.

good american

I’m wondering when the mysterious snipers that shoot both side are going to show up.

Tudor Miron

This kind of classic provocation was being prepared in Philadelphia but it didn’t work. They will only show up if that side will feel fairly confident that they’re winning.

Zionism = EVIL

They are busy killing in Ukraine and Palestine.


Agree… Maidan

Zionism = EVIL

This fat pimp looks like a clone of Trump and shows the pathetic shape of Americunt military of racist cowards who like their Zionist “trainers” can only kill unarmed women and children. Americunts are now living in a failed dictatorship where the Jews want the military to kill its own people. I hope they do deploy the redneck racists in the streets and unleash a civil war.

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