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JUNE 2021

2016 Video: Russian Warplanes Conduct Strikes On Militants In Syria From Admiral Kuznetsov

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A video has appeared online showing Russian warplanes coducting airstrikes on militant targets in Syria from Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft-carrying missile cruiser. The video was filmed in 2016 when Admiral Kuznetsov particiapted in Russia’s coounter-terrorism campaign in Syria.

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How is news? We all know that Russia has been launching air strikes.


Its NEW/not shown public footage from Aircraft carrier Kuznetsov, read abit before making a fool of yourself!


Don’t be demeaning, my statement still stands.


And so does my, its news cuz its never seen footage before from Kuznetsov only real combat tour since it was built. And hopefully the last one before they scrap her.. Its like battleships from old times, CV’s time is over, atleast for Russia.

Brad Isherwood

Myself (And many reading this forum),…we’re encouraged when the Kuznetsov battlegroup arrived in Syrian waters.
Looking back….I’m disappointed that Russia did not think thru the use of its resources better.
Syria’s open borders (still open)….we’re the road to its misfortune as well over 50,000 Takfiri armed and trained crossed in.
Air mobility and TAC air were lacking in Syria’s Airforce /Army.
A capable COIN aircraft like Su 25 was completely lacking.
Syria’s helicopters at the conflict beginning did not have FLIR…or capable night targeting/night operations.
Syria’s military having nearly non existent air mobile forces had to drive around the country putting out Fires.
That cost Syria in military asset/Soldiers to attrition.
Syrian bases/Defence groups were seiged and overrun…some holding out years.
Some % of that could have been cancelled out by air combat forces.
IMO….Russia and Iran could have invested in these air mobile forces,
Iran certainly could use the combat experience.
Instead….Syrian military could not keep up or prevent Empires mobility strikes and it’s build ups to sectors of Syria which as of today, …have won them Syrian Partition. ..especially the Euphrates river/dams and East Euphrates oil – nat gas fields.
The Kurds themselves betrayed Damascus. …US gains in Kurd region is not 100%Damascus fault.


Thing is though, the Syrian army had to be gutted and rebuilt from the ground up. That is a job that takes years even in the best of times, let alone in wartime conditions in a broken country on a dozen fronts. It’s something the Russians had to do after the German invasion of 1941, so they do have a unique perspective on that. And even then it took them two years to do so. So the Russians had to prioritize what they could do with their limited resources in Syria. Was it perfect? Hell no, mistakes were made. But overall it has worked for the most part. The rebirth of the SAA has been a success, and operations like the Deir Ezzor, Idlib and East Ghouta campaigns could not have been carried out in 2015 and 2016. Hell, the speed and success of the Deir Ezzor offensive was such that it surprised the US and Kurds, quag-mired in Raqqa, to the point that they let ISIS go in order to shift troops as fast as they could east from Raqqa to the East Syrian oil fields. And the US was denied the ultimate prize it wanted in Al Bukamal. Which they needed to take to deny the Iranians their Shia crescent land bridge.


It would seem the Russians wanted to give the Kuznetsov a combat deployment test cruise, because it had never been used like that and probably to show to the world the might, or rebirth, of the Russian navy. In hindsight the Kuznetsov achieved very little. And impressed very few, if any. Its air group is just too small, and with no catapultsthey can’t carry a significant payload. Its aircraft could have accomplished more if they had flown in from Russia directly and deployed from an airbase in Syria. It showed that the Russian carrier air group lacks the experience of their Western counterparts, and losing three aircraft to accidents and the tug boat images did much to make the Kuznetsov into a rust bucket meme.

Still, it had to be done though. Only through actual deployments can serious faults in equipment and doctrine be identified and rectified. The Syrian war was too good an opportunity to miss in that regard. And if there is one consistent sub theme to the Russian deployment in Syria its that they seem to be
testing their equipment and doctrine wherever they can.


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