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20,000-30,000 ISIS Members Remain In Iraq, Syria: UN Report

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Between 20,000 and 30,000 ISIS members have maintained presence in Iraq and Syria despite a defeat of the terrorist group, according to a UN report released on August 13.

The report says that ISIS “is still able to mount attacks inside Syrian territory. It does not fully control any territory in Iraq, but it remains active through sleeper cells” hiding out in the desert and elsewhere.

“Among these is still a significant component of the many thousands of active foreign terrorist fighters,” the report said.

The document added  that the flow of foreign militants toward the terrorist group “has essentially come to a halt,” pointing out the lack of finances.

The report also said that between 3,000 and 4,000 ISIS members were based in Libya while some of the key operatives in the terrorist group were being relocated to Afghanistan.

ISIS lost most of its territories in Syria and Iraq in 2017 and 2018. Currently, secuirity forces of the Iraqi and Syrian governments are actively working to purge the remaining cells of the terrorist group in the government-controlled areas. However, ISIS members are still capable of hiding in the desert and in areas where the authorities’ control does not exist or it’s weak.

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Protecting Americas interests.


Bogus number. Next the US coalition would keep citing this number each time it’s asked when it is going to leave. Another propaganda to start off another echo chambers.

Jens Holm

The estimation is made by United Nations, where You are member too.


Exactly. Nothing the kontrolled UN says or does is forthright. Their voice is only heard when it does not criticize Israel.


20,000-30,000 ISIS MEMBERS REMAIN IN IRAQ, SYRIA: UN REPORT. These are US and NATO army.

Jens Holm

News to me. You have counted them too. And what about having only one arm or leg are the 1 or fx 0,80.


Yes exactly. Real ISIS numbers are more likely under 10k hiding mostly in Syria US coalition occupied territory.

Jens Holm


Daniel Castro

Of course, ISIS pretty much absorb ed all the criminal scum in both countries, criminal organizations don’t disappear easily. ISIS now is going underground, and it will continue their dirty deeds for decades to come.

Jens Holm

That too.

Pave Way IV

Saudi Arabia: “Kill all you want – we’ll keep making more. As long as there’s impoverished Sunni anywhere on earth, our Saudi Wahhabi Death Cult teachers will continue to convince plenty of them that YOU are their problem, and head-chopping is the solution. What are you infidels going to do – ban Saudi Wahhabism? Stupid f’king cucks…”


Nah even the sunni had enough. Their machinations have lost their steams with effective fielding of Russian forces. Even the US threats and mischief were weathered off. For them to start off again the US need to create mayhem with it forces and unfortunately for them the Russians aren’t leaving, Iranians aren’t leaving. It’s game over. Even the Trump card (pun intended) have been used without any success.

Jens Holm

Funny again. Very deep foxhole, You are sitting in.


” while some of the key operatives in the terrorist group were being relocated to Afghanistan.”

And the UN is too gutless to state that the United States of America are ‘relocating ‘ ISIS to Afghanistan.

Jens Holm

Thats mainly crap. Home commers lives there. You migt need some relocation Yourself.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

I know what you mean! IS take airliners to Afghanistan. Probably United, Delta, BA, AirFrance and El-Al.
Your support for the ilk that murdered 3000 people on 9/11 is really touching, Jens.
Have you thought about meeting your 80 virgins yet? You never know, one of them might be McCain!

Jens Holm

.Our terrorists do like that – or think they can. They got jailed but dnt do terror – so far


If you haven’t yet grasped that intelligence services like the CIA or the ISI work in a covert and underhand manner – playing off all sides in any game in attempt to influence events – then you are profoundly ignorant.

Jens Holm

I am well aware about You now and then is both ways. I have known that for many, many years.


Oh, he knows what his bosses do.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

The US/EU/NATO gangsters became addicted to Jihadi head-choppers in Afghanistan when they used them to remove the Soviet Union in the 1980s.
This addiction has been sustained and now even Trump enjoys a dance or two with these KSA head-choppers, regardless of the fact that this ilk murdered 3000 on 9/11.
The US/EU/NATO gangsters remind me of crack addicted mums who would sell their own children for their next fix.


Mate real count wouldn’t even reach 10k even counting it’s sleeper cells. They may still have sympathisers in Iraq and Syria but these numbers still wouldn’t likely increase what with US coalition and Russian forces heavy presence.

UN just as before where it announced 400k civilians displaced in southern Syria daraa offensive which ultimately never been found. Sad but true the UN becoming propaganda instruments of these NAT(terrorist)O groups. Shame on them.

Tudor Miron

Remembering who’s at the head of UN’s human rights council I will say that not gutless but actively participating as they did in supplying Nusra in Aleppo.

You can call me Al

Dont forget the sudden appearance of the ISIS vermin in The Philippines.


Yes, that was also at a time when US Special forces were giving President Duterte some ‘assistance’ if I remember Al :)

Jens Holm

I dont believe in that number even its a feeling. For me as a minimum, they also should tell max. 10 of 30.000 is very inaccurate.


UN reports can be a few years late.
Perhaps to support US coalition staying there forever ?

Jens Holm

I just write the should write for all, how bad the estimates are. And You are right.

We dont know much about the numbers and when and how they are made. A source and an explanation would be an improvement. I think its a relative new estimate. Think.

Tudor Miron



The report might be true if they are counting the dead ones decomposing under the earth and sand.


Wow, if that’s true, then I guess Iraq and Syria are pretty much fucked.


Without telling us on what information this number is based it’s basically something anyone could have pulled out of their ass. Like Iraqi WMD’s, or Syrian government chemical attacks.

Jens Holm

Thats right. Its an estimate based on we dont know what – BUT – They also give a wide spread margin 20-30.000.

More to me if it could be 10.000 or 40.000. I am in the low end by feelings only and by them say from 10.000 to 20.000 “only”.

Tudor Miron

Don’t buy into this statement too much :). First look who exactly in UN issued this statement and than look who’s about to benefit from it. US desperately needs reason to keep their forces in Syria and Iraq. By now most sane people realized that daesh/nusra and the rest of head chopping rats are nothing more than irregular armed forces of US/NATO.




Pfffffffft, how would they know? If there were that many IS troops in Syria or Iraq, they would not be folding the way they are now. In my view, this is a ridiculous assertion. Baloney UN!


Face palm. What is this like the Scorpion king who had an undying army come out of the earth when he re-emerged in the movie or some sort of undying mythical army get the fuck out of here with that.

They are max 1000-1500 and minimum 600-1000.

Imo they have never reached these number not even in their peak days and i guess if you count out the deserters whom I believe could be 1/3

John Whitehot

the number probably includes the US coalition personnel and the mossad terrorists deployed in the country


How did the UN come out with such a big number ? Not even Syria or Russia would say that (trusted information sources). It looks like UN is also an ISIS promoter in the World.


Really 20-30k daesh and where is their stronghold of these barbarics where are they these 30k.
They other day they said that only 1000 daesh remains in Syria now both Iraq and Syria are 20-30k I don’t think so. That’s the amount as terrorist in Idlib though.

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