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2,000 Kurdish Fighters Are Supporting Armenian Forces In Nagorno-Karabakh: Erdogan

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2,000 Kurdish Fighters Are Supporting Armenian Forces In Nagorno-Karabakh: Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addresses a meeting of provincial election officials at the headquarters of his ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party in Ankara on January 29, 2019. (Photo by Adem ALTAN / AFP) (Photo credit should read ADEM ALTAN/AFP/Getty Images)

At least 2,000 fighters of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and the People’s Protection Units were supporting Armenian forces in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on October 28.

The Turkish President made his remarks during the ruling Justice and Development Party, AKP, parliamentary group meeting in Ankara.

Erdogan said he had informed Russia’s president Vladimir Putin of the presence of Kurdish fighters in Nagorno-Karabakh during their recent phone call.

“I told Mr. President [Putin], we have identified, through intelligence sources, that there are some 2,000 PKK terrorists fighting for Armenia at the moment for $600. Mr. President said he was not aware of that,” the Daily Sabah quoted the Turkish president as saying, “I have told Putin that if our red lines are crossed, we would not hesitate to take action.”

Erdogan added that Turkey was sincere in its efforts to solve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and believed in Russia’s sincerity. He also revealed that he told President Putin that they could resolve the conflict together.

Turkey is supporting the ongoing Azerbaijani advance in Nagorno-Karabakh. More than 2,000 Turkish-backed Syrian mercenaries are reportedly backing the attack.

During the meeting, the Turkish president also touched on the situation in Syria. The President said Turkey had the legitimate right to continue its action if militants are not cleared from its border with the war-torn country.

Erdogan was referring to Kurdish forces. In the last three years, Turkey launched two operations against these forces in northern and northeastern Syria.

“If the terrorists here are not cleared as we were promised, we have the legitimate right to mobilize once again,” Erdogan said, according to Reuters.

The Turkish President also voiced his concern over a recent Russian airstrike that targeted Turkish-backed militants in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib. At least 78 militants were killed and 90 others were injured in the airstrike.

“Russia’s strike targeting Syrian National Army forces’ training center in the region of Idlib is a sign that a lasting peace and calm in the region is unwanted,” said the president.

The Turkish military maintains a large force in Greater Idlib. The force is deployed in more than 60 positions, camps and bases throughout the region.

Turkey is heavily involved in the ongoing conflicts in Nagorno-Karabakh, Syria and Libya. Erdogan’s remarks indicate that Turkey is planning to go on with its passive-aggressive policy in the region.


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Free Kurdistan

comment image

Jens Holm

comment image


comment image

Jens Holm

My country produce Lego (and Duplo for the small ones like You or more mature) .


your women produce mud babies

Jens Holm

Our men help


you mean somali men?

Jens Holm

Them too.

Porc Halal

Maybe Jens is right…How do you know that “our men” doesn’t look like this blonde nordic viking…comment image

Jens Holm


It was about babies, wasnt it. Our Somali minority are not well integrated – some are.

But they are in healthcare and by that makes 2-4 babies only.

Its oly incommers, which make a lot of children. They dont need to here, because we have a social security for all of them – well almost all in almost everything.

Jens Holm

It seemes Roderat and some Khan not prefares pirats for fish. Where can we send them??

Svincius Savickas

Nuke Africa best solution

Jens Holm

Most men and women in Skandinavia are not blondes at all. But we have parts, which are not semilar tothe rest of the world.

And many of the Somalis are just as danish as the rest of us or close to it, so You cant say Our Muhammed, Assads, Syltan or Aysias or NIna are not danish too.

We also has many adopted ones from India, Bangla Desh, South Korea and parts of Africa – at least we have taken in them Ourselves.

We mainly see those immigrants as “new Danes” and try mot to see their children as “new” anymore. The best is to forget colors and look for whats common behaving or not.

Jens Holm

Putting in that map makes no sense. Even almost all PLLs dont support that unrealistic dream.

Its like the Danish Vikings should take England back, when Johnson soon has collapased the UK part:)

But it could be a god solution, so they should not join again. comment image

Porc Halal

I think the map isn’t quite acurate…the yellow should cover more of the today’s turkey…

Jens Holm

Yes, it highly inaccurate in Iran and Iraq too. Fot Turkey he seemes to taken away some kurds, which some few says are not kurds and not Turks too.

Maybee he peed on a globe and printed from that.

Europe hates America

Did SF became an pro turkish site to publish such a bullsh*t from isis leader erDOGan?

Jens Holm

Iddiosyncrasy again from You. SF bring many more or less strange things, so bringing Erdo show they are wide and show You are the narrowminded one.

Jens Holm

Lke Hitler he advance hard in all directions hitting anything with machineguns and forget enemies get stronger and unite against him.

I really hope Biden senile at least can give him some ice in his trousers.

I am not in the Caucaus dispute taking side. Its about politics, which hide and hide whats going on.

Non muslims should not follow just because some Allah or Muhammed according to them cant be drawn, made in picture and for that matter non nice cartoon here.

When some moron even make some kind of a Fatwa to a teacher doing a very good illustrative lesson supported by the GOverment, should we then support giving those morons cluisterbombs every friday. Well some here think so.

Too much fanatisme. Fats are we dont follow Allah from Alabama as well as we have many 100 Muhammed s here and we do have free speah as well as we can print things others dont like.


comment image

Jens Holm

comment image


I observed some shifting view point in Western media articles associating recent Russian bombing and killing of 80 militants in Idlib, with Turkey sending them in Kaukasus, even mentioning the word jihadis instead of rebels. I suspect the recent spare between Macron and Erdogan plays an important role in this change of attitude towards the ‘freedom fighting rebels’. If things go even furtehr, Jens, in 1-2 years you will forget Assad is the boogeyman of this planet :)

Porc Halal

Jens is a millenial, an “useful idiot”…his mind can’t revert to normal state… back in 60s, he would be a true hippie…

Jens Holm

Where I come from,Your kind is hardly a minority. And they do have power in ME, which You ignore.

..And You use Your own power very bad not innovating things and they are based on lies of the worst kind produced by Yourself.

Its no surprice You about those drawings even kill legal sober teachers in France and those in that Cartoon company in France.

How can any form here communicate with people going back in time 1400 years. Its as we should be offended You told not nice nice about Oden and Thor.

And I am sekular because of that crap. Maybee muslims can decide muslims should not bring crtisisme but only one of 7 are muslims in th ewhole world. Should we be forbidden by som random muslims. NO WAY.

My critisisme also is about You have so many things You can change because its Haram and the overwhelming raising girls for sales and buy.

Clothe is same thing. Faith is in the brain and not even keep men away, if they are rapist.

So as long as You dont change vital things, You will below and remain below. If the Chinese should take over, You would blame them as we blame and comment You.

You are in closed circles only the hairy behinds see the world and we get some of Your dirt from there too. You are not scientific and by that dont devellop. You systems are constructed for small Emirats. Even so, You dont see You arenot able to run countries.

Here all Your history books are 1920 nationalistic constructions of the worst kind. You use all “arabs” but most arabs are not with You and fight each other hard. Turks are not united and 20% of the population also are secons class systems.

Several of Yours has no ideas about whats going on in Caucasus. Even so You recommend killing each other and think killing people there too is a solution.

Persiens are same thing. They build and confront and ignore, that if they didnt use radioactives as a threat, there would not be agressive and passive threats and boycuts themself.

So stubbern no change is far more back in time then 1970 sunis of diffrent kinds and shiits in the same dirty little corner made sincer before You made Islam in severa versions.

Thats a slow thinking of the worst. You not even liberated Yourself. We – as west – gave You a chance for something better. Even so You all behave as You now are agressuve little mice instead of having a rat in Konstantinopel.

And parts of the Region actually has develloped. You ignore that and even name them as Your enemies kist because they dont prefare Your kind of infected svamp.

Porc Halal

Jens, I couldn’t have imagined that you could write such a huge nonsense … I thought you can write only nonsenses…what can I say … you exceeded all my expectations …

Jens Holm

I do my best. Not anybody can be clever in the same overwhelming way as You.

Even almost retired I still read, write, listen and learn. Not all seemes to be able to that.

Porc Halal

Just take it easy…


I have followed Jens comments on this site for a long while, as an Armenian who has always supported Assad and a secular Syria, Jens has always been on the right side of the war. The war in Artsakh should be do different. He is good in my books!


Still smarter than you.

Porc Halal

Ok einstein, whatever…

Jens Holm

I see it too. Turks are spreading out and hit the Russians several places, which Russia dont like. By that at least some in West say “who cares” about Idlib.


And people say that Putin is weak. He has been really patient, waiting for the idiots in power to hang themselves.


He is strong, Russia is weak :)

catalin zt

Russia is dick with ur mom on it’s peak!


You are too mean with my mom, that means she would have only half of a dick :(

Great Khan

You speak horseshit loser words…..hahahhahaa

Great Khan

Turkey brother very STRONK!


But can Turkey into space? Can Erdogan put Crescent flag on the Moon?

Jens Holm

I have thiscomment image


keep dreaming

what country has only 12% of debt on gdp? and what country is as big as the us and china combined?


Russia has a small debt because santions forbid them taking loans since 2015 Crimea invasion, their GDP growth also abruptly dropped since then, from 5.5% in 2014 to 1% in 2019.


Russia had a small debt even before 2015. The GDP is recovering https://tradingeconomics.com/russia/gdp

Except for the COVID situation. But it is the same worldwide.

And let’s remember that GDP doesn’t measure the quantity of goods produced, but how much exchange there are in an economy. I buy a car, then sell it to an auto dealer, then he seels it to another person. These 3 transactions are added to the GDP, but there is only 1 physical car.

Russia has been building its internal industry. Agriculture first, pharmaceuticals second. Obviously the number one industry is the military one. And they are exporting more and more weapons.

All in all, they are going up, we ( the west ) are going down.


Speaking about cars, both US and Russia use second and third hand cars, only Russians buy these SH cars from fireign countries.

What percent of the Russian population works in military industry, in order to benefit from weapons export?


Russia is starting to produce more cars too. Sanctions are hindering foreign car imports too.

Also, even people who don’t work in the military industry can benefit from it. Because people that work there, spend more money if they have more money. This is how economy works. More money = more purchases = booming economy. And obviously the GDP goes up.

The problem with Russia is that a lot of the economy is black economy. And it doesn’t sum to the GDP.

Jens Holm

Unfortuatly You are in dreams too.

Russia has no apparatus and in that thinking for producing cars as well as many other things.

Even You steal the know how or read whats open to see, You dont have educated people for it.

And if You rent foreign companies to help You, Your people are accused for taking in spyes even they are rented in as teachers for You.

Everybody can make a first class handmade Armata and even put gold, diamants and a coffemachine in it, if they have too much money. But none can effort to buy this kind of stunt- Not even Russia.

If its for show and propaganda only the next shokld be made of wood or plastic.

If Russia like to have succes in all products its like T34, Kalashnovs, Mikrojan well designed and well produced making best to the price. Thats why You in tanks has T60, T70, T80 being quite succesfull. Very good frame.

And things has changed there. You dont have Your Neocolonies forced to buy things – good or bad ones.

For me cars are base for many jobs and not only military production.

I dont write to make You unhappy or angry, but I see no realisme based on facts.

Some few sectors has regained from the collapse, but thats about it.

GDP has its limitations, but if You after a few needed corrections – as You write some of them – You have to take in the rest.

Jens Holm

Russia is zero to none in pharma in the world and inside Russia too. Fx Insulin only cover 30% of the Russian need. So many die early by they cant effort insulin.

NovoNordisk – a Danish insulin producer – produce and sell 10 times more then the whole pharmasy industry in Russia.

That imporove livingage and quality, where Russia also save still lowered pension for several years. Is that a good thing?

Your version for cars is very incomplete. Your car is correct, but You forget all 3 has cars and if they sell cars, they also buy new ones as well as they recycle the old number 4. Its not Havanna where I live. We have no waiting for cars but more its like too many of them.

You also forget, that Your low debt also is internal. It is a problem the living age for more and more russians are lower then the USA wellfare system, where You also never descriebe the middleclass in USA doing fine. In % You have many more poor then fx them – and us.

So many hardly do a thing. Vomen more often are home.

So You dont invest making more job and wellfare and by that have low internal (kind of GDP) productions too. I can only repeat You cant improve unless You make more people able to take educations in the middle class space also paying them for, what they actually do.

You seemes to have no ideas and reflexions for how póor people are outside biggest citycenters.

Thats whats missing in the GDP disputes too. And there is no know how and if there are, its denied and even jailed or given poison (Kharbarovsk/Navalnjev).

Much semilar to what Russia support in Syria. No change is best.

Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm

comment image
Like this.

Jens Holm

Old picture. Its my mother. He paid with oil from ISIS, and we she died, we bought Spain.


Erdogan talk a lot of BS – like that Ottomans discovered America ^^

Jaime Galarza

He needs a good whipping. I don’t care if it is Russia or the US, but he needs to be put in his place asap.

catalin zt

Anglo-saxon scum created that mess together with khazarians…they will never put in place erdogan gypsan…

Bobby Twoshoes

That would explain why both cultures revel in hypocrisy so much, admittedly though Erdogan and his pets make the soulless corporate puppet pedos in the US look like intelligent and articulate statesmen by comparison.

Great Khan

That true…Mongol own Alaska….

Random Dude

Putin: There are Syrian militants fighting on Azerbaijani side
Erdogan: There are PKK members fighting on Armenian side
Putin: I didn’t know that
Erdogan: Well now you do.
Basically both are saying, better not raise the stakes and let Azerbaijan and Armenia sort it out themselves, with no 3rd party. We all know who that benefits. Stronger one will win.

Ishyrion Av

Seriosly? And Turkey is what? The invisible party?

Random Dude

Turkey is a necessary tool to get past from denial stage to anger stage. Its a fault of decades long propaganda that wasn’t meant to be believed by the creator of the same propaganda.
Now the government cannot explain how an undefeatable Armenian soldier is losing to cowardly Azerbaijani soldier. Hence they need to exaggerate the enemy quantitatively.
Its like if a boy gets beaten up by a girl, he would go to his friends that I got jumped by 5 guys last night.

Ishyrion Av

I think you are high…

Random Dude

you are entitles to your opinion

catalin zt

Muslim dirty scum will loose!

Peter Jennings

“If the terrorists here are not cleared as we were promised, we have the
legitimate right to mobilize once again,” Erdogan said,

It seems Erdogan has two viewpoints when it comes to terrorists. If Turkey is attacked, the attackers are deemed terrorists, yet in Syria and elsewhere, terrorists simply do not exist.
Those armed groups squatting there and killing Syrian people are somehow worthy of being included into Turkish forces and sent where ever, like an Erdogan attack dog. Perhaps there is no real distinction between the two.

Jens Holm

Thats how it is even it sometimes seemes unfair.

Its not allowed danish civilians to fight. Even some do and has done it. Because Peshmerga at least dont attack us as country, their jailtimes are much lower then the ISIS ones.

Steve Standley

more lies from a liar.

Lazy Gamer

That’s not 2000 pk but 2000 syrian recruits. Erdogan likes to fabricate wrongdoings to others that he himself is guilty of. These 2000 PKK could have liberated the northern syrian cities already. lol Instead, this was a red line messaged by Turkey that they are willing to be openly involved if Azerbaijan is losing.

catalin zt

Erdo gypsy sucks in Syria,Lybia and Kurdistan! Soon in NK too! Hundreds of muslim jihadis died in NK since the beginning of conflict and many deserted … In the ww3 coming nothing will be left of the gypsy turkistan mongolistan…

Potato Man

Turkey is using terrorists (Wahhabi Sunnis)….sorry Zion-American Freedom Fighters to fight Armenian and now it is well-known fact, so why not BS and say Kurds are helping Armenian (To Turks – Kurds are terrorists). By doing that they saying we both use terrorists to fight….fake news.

Kurds are – American-Zion cuck suckers as well in ME…to be fair, the Americans 24/7 said they are there to help Kurds (I’m talking about what Trump did). Kurds are some what the problem and have no power without US and the Americans know that…let’s not forget Turks did run them over…
If they is any Kurds fighting in N-K the Americans give the green light…and nope Americans okay with what is happening…as Zion helping Azer and they are making money + Azer sells oil/gas to Zion….Kurds under American wouldn’t fighting pro-Zion country such as Azer.

cechas vodobenikov

doubtful–evidence of turkey paid ME jihadis in this war but no evidence so far that Kurds are

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Erdogan’s crying foul, he’s upset the Russians are only paying the Kurds 600 a month to fight in Azerbaijan while he has to pay his mercenaries in Azerbaijan 2,000 a month, LOL.
2,000 Kurds versus 2,000 Muslim Brotherhood fighters, mmm, so which side will win, judging by the way the Kurdish ALF has kicked the Turkish backed MB in Afrin senseless for the last 2 years, I’d say the Russian have the superior force by far, and if Russia equips and supplies these guys properly [the ALF isn’t], they’ll be worth 4 to 1 against the Brotherhood fighters, so more value for their buck again, LOL.
No wonder Erdogan’s so upset, Russia’s getting better fighters and paying less for them, LOL LOL LOL.

Jens Holm

It seemes those “kurds” are not the ones You assume.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

All the Kurds from Syria no matter where they live all flock to Tell Rif At to join the ALF, the ALF is the only Kurdish group actively fighting against the Turkish intervention, there are no other avenues or alternatives open to the Kurds if they want to fight against Turkey, so both Turkish PKK and Syrian YPG fighters as well as SDF members all join the ALF if they want to fight against Turkey.
And Russia occupies and controls all the areas around Tell Rif At where the ALF operate, so obviously Russia is the entity that allows them to go to Armenia, how else could the Kurds leave Syria and fly to Armenia if not through Russian assistance.
And the story itself suggests Erdogan is blaming Putin for the new development, so with all those factors pointing to the ALF being the Kurdish group that’s fighting in Azerbaijan, I wonder who you think they are, if you don’t think they’re ALF fighters.


Legitimate rights? Mislead hungry Turks, they have legitimate rights, rights on jobs, food and solid free prosperity future. Turks have the legitimate to be defended correctly by independent justice, to be informed independent by not censured journalists and media, to depend on non religious tyrants as army. Turkish men and women should be equally treated, free to say what they think, state and religion should be separated, international law should be imposed, human rights not rejected. The lie should no more prevail in Turkey. Some say Kemal was a drunk. Maybe but Erdogan is a selfish tyrannic lunatic who has one purpose ; he himself despite of the Turks and the world. We see it in his 8% rise of wage this year in the hunderds of millions it cost to maintain his palace, in the thousands of persecuted turkish people who dare to contradict him, in his anger if somebody depict him in a cartoon. How more legitimate anger must have ordinary Turkish people mislead and oppressed by an zealot would be economist and obvious tyrannt.


Lets boycott Turkish goods; do not buy products witch BARCODE start with:
868 or 869

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