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JULY 2022

20 Killed, Injured In New Car Bomb Attack In Turkish-Occupied Ras Al-Ain (Videos)

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Late on September 26, a large blast rocked the outskirt of the Turkish-occupied town of Ras al-Ain in the northern countryside of Syria’s al-Hasakah.

A booby-trapped car reportedly exploded near a metal scrap yard in the industrial zone, that is located south of Ras al-Ain’s town’s center. The explosion resulted in serious material damage and casualties.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, seven people were killed and more than 12 others were injured.

Local security forces, which are backed by Turkey, speculated that the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, YPG, and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, PKK, were behind the car bomb attack. Per usual, no evidence was presented.

Turkish forces occupied Ras al-Ayn and dozens of other town and villages in northeast Syria in October of Last year. Since then, dozens of bombings targeted the region. Scores of civilians, Turkish-backed militants and even Turkish service members were killed.

While Turkey and its proxies hold Kurdish forces responsible for most of the attacks, they are yet to take any measures to secure the areas occupied by them.


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Potato Man

ahah is that how Kurds gonna help Armenians?


coward kurds are going to help Armenians brothers another coward lol

Jens Holm

It must be family related to Noel Coward, which was a sense of personal style, a combination of cheek and chic, pose and poise.

You are as culture is something for cleaning old furniture.

I see no lol. I see stupidisme by You. If those kurds were cowards they would have moved into Turkey and still be there as refugees today. The less cowards(of course very few according to You) would have joined Assads.

But ISIS grew and Assads could not even defend the oilfields. Kuds by SDF https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3fe1ad682213b7b892fe7de1fbb0992d66c7791c7a3051121a94412db1c3c9ba.jpg did well and do well being the American second choise.

Jens Holm

Thats a typical Turkish context of the worst kind and a creation of the worst. I will also remind You that in estimates Turks did kill about 1,5 mio. armenians BUT after that in about 1924 Kurds killed about 400.000 “others”.

So in fact they still fight about the land and property they killed and robbed.

And none should blame them for, what their Grandmothers did. They all should be blamed for, what they do today.

And Kurds are no single unifoed grous as well. That goes for Turkey as well. Erdogan for real has a little less then 50% of the votes in the Country elections but we also see others has majority in Ankara, Istandbul and one mopre big town.

Those differences are very visible in ckassic ways. The picture should be in Urbanized and Towners compared to the country side, where Erdogan make voters by purtting in more money from the rest. It also should divided by income.

Here fx not all Kurds are poor but very well integrated or at least accept the conditions being Turks.

In the other hand You have very poor Turks, where Kurds live.

So the solutions should be a united job, where those often low populated areas should be helped and upgraded. Here the non PKKs of the Kurds are the most stubbern ones for change, but they are followed by the “Erdoganists” in konservatism and no change.

Both large groups are more religios then the modern Turkey.

Potato Man

“And none should blame them for.” LMFAO “In the other hand You have very poor Turks, where Kurds live.” You? I’m nor Turk or live in Turkey. “Thats a typical Turkish context of the worst kind and a creation of the worst.”

I’m getting a picture where you might be from :/ Dislike Iran, Turkey, Syria, Iraq _ Love to suck US, Kurds, PKK, YPG And your heros are Zion killers who stealing lands of others, because someone take shit before them.

Jens Holm

You is no person in this. Next time I will write Your kind. O didnt know You were that stupid or would pretend.

“Your kind of person” And it is a typical hostile Turkish version of the worst kind, which – if You have internet and can use it – can be confirmed by 1000 of links to comment, pictures, Yóutibes and articles – 1000s.

And ÝES I DISLIKE Iran, Syria, Turkey and Iran in this. They have had 100 years to solve the problems, they have made by themself.

Well france made the borders by Neocoloniaslisme but here we see forut countries onsost in neocolonistic borders as well as making no fair solutions for the ones, which are with You and has not chopsen that.

Its very visble in country names too. How comes Syria is an arabic country even 30% are not??? Even 20% in Turkey is not Turks, its named Turkey.

I write about Turks and Kurds has killed 1,9 million others. Hard to relate that to zionists. They have their own kind of dark here and there.

its YOUR KIND and as the picture Your relations to facts by books and copmmon knowledge. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/39fa4dd5b50f2b9fab873c4f960726d3bd0a29a2adbefed8c2a2fb46e927744d.jpg

John Wallace

Talking about studying books Jens , you would certainly benefit from it as your ignorance of facts by spouting your nonsense time and again shows you to be nothing but a clown. Dipshit.. How is your history lesson going on there not being an American – Filipino war . Checked out your ignorance yet by looking up the facts. No didn’t think so .. Dum fuk.

Potato Man

“didnt know You were that stupid or would pretend.” As long as you write like fuking ape and thinking I can understand you fuking ass? NO, stop jumping around like fuking ape, USE YOUR TWO HANDS, PUT YOUR DICK AWAY.

“I write about Turks and Kurds has killed 1,9 million others. Hard to relate that to zionists. They have their own kind of dark here and there.” You fuking ape use common knowledge OR AS YOU SAID “didn’t know You were that stupid or would pretend”????? Why the fuk would you compare Zion and Turk+Kurds??? The fuk are you on about with 1.9M others? Armenians? When did I claim or SAID, ZION KILLED 1.9m PEOPLE???? You are compare Zion with Turks, you fuked head. why?

You stupid fuk face, are you readlly that fuking stupid? “And your heros are Zion killers who stealing lands of others, because someone take shit before them.” Is that why? You trying to compare Tuks with Zion?

This whole shit you write here is pointless and it your stupid ass to not understand my point. I didn’t talk about Zion or Turk…who killed who and how much, you fuking did. It is not my fuking problem someone type stupid shit like: “In the other hand You have very poor Turks, where Kurds live.” You could have write it: “On the other hand, there are poor Turks living with Kurds”.

You fuking wirte alot of BS. Pointless and all you said is POINTLESS. Why are you making shit in your head.


They’re weak and cruel enough to target civilians.They fight like cowards. It doesn’t matter if it’s an occupied zone, there’s an inhuman attack here.


I am definitely not pro Kurd, but the fact is that Turk artillery was shelling Kurd villages and civilians in the past. Why do you expect them to act differently to those who took their homes?

And now you want them that they accept replacing their population by Turkic population brought there by Turkey Russia that has signed agreement with Turkey is guarantee to Syria that Syria will be one again united and liberated country with no Turk occupational zones.

Jens Holm

Well You has a minus arrow by a Servet Köseugly.

He seemes to prefare more Kurds join Turkey. Thats nice:)

Jens Holm

But they dont and havnt for years. Why should they do it. they hardly has any friends but now partly has it by SDF. As a minimum Kurds has changed a lot since the Bolsjeviks collzpsed.

And before the fightings began I only meant oppinions about them from Bagdad, Teheran, Damaskus and Ankara.

All 4 kinds of morons nased on artifial states not even created and liberated by themself expected kurds and others not only to obey but being low, they were in full aces to bend over.

Kurds were and are not like that. They dont see some random nilling nullingwirth ofYour kind somewhere above them unless they are in heaven.

And they still do.

So when You with no hesitation tell those kurds – and of course all of them – are weak and cruel, I take what I think I once knew about Kurds as hostile creations made by You in some very dirty version.

They are not as bad as Your kind tell. I would even say they are better, because they – helped by USA and others – has been able to unite several very dfferent groups.


Most Kurds live peacefully in Turkey, but some Kurds show hostility with a terrorist attitude.


Go back to Turkey , problem solved…there was no bombs before..


So you’re advocating a bomber mentality. ISIS has the same mentality.And bombings have been around for a long time.


I am advocating only that you Turks stop playing around because nobody is stupid. If you want new Ottoman empire you must have Ottoman army. You are nation with over sized ambitions to your current possibilities. You have been making problems with too many countries and this is not going to end good for you.

Jens Holm

They have learned nothing in 100 years about it.

Jens Holm

I agree with him in that.

There was no bomber mentality there apart from some Turkish artillery fire before they went in.

Before that most of the SDF area was a safezone compared to other parts of Syria and Afrin as well. Turks has made many more refugees and there for good reasons hardly is any resetling by any from Syria.

None should expect people doing nothing about it and obey. Its no Turkish country. People there give Turks no support.

Turks also do their best to keep any help to SDFs away. The only incommers allowed are UN and REd Cross hardly being allowed t bring in vitals for the real refugees.

Servet Köseoğlu

its rasulayn..highly kurdish populated…classic pkk killing kurds again..

Jens Holm

I dont think You know thát at all. I mainly see civilian killed like that as terror gainst the locals trying to make them leave.

Servet Köseoğlu

they can kill each other..np with that…and noone will leave..

Furkan Sahin

Fsa and PKK is terrorist ;)

Jens Holm

So what.

Icarus Tanović

Erdogan is mastermind bwhind all of this lately carnage and stalemate in Syria.

Furkan Sahin

Erdogan is a snake, very corrupt and lies a lot and steals people’s money and worse than the Gulen

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Welcome to Erdogan’s guaranteed new safe zone, come back to Syria and bring your families with you, the Kurds are giving you all their old homes to live in so come and start a new life in Erdogan’s newest safe zone, but only if you’re completely insane or a die hard religious fanatic, no one else need apply.

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