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JUNE 2023

20+ Girls ‘Molested’ in Cologne-Style Attacks at Swedish Rock Fest

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20+ Girls ‘Molested’ in Cologne-Style Attacks at Swedish Rock Fest

Originally appeared at RT

Over 20 girls between 12 and 18 years old told police they were sexually assaulted by a group of men during a music festival in Karlstad, Sweden in attacks similar to those that occurred in Cologne during New Year’s Eve celebrations in Germany.

Police are investigating “a score of cases in which young girls have been molested,” Swedish Aftonbladet daily reported.

It said that the alleged attacks occurred during the “Putte i Parken” rock festival in Karlstad in Varmland County, despite enhanced police presence.

The women told police they were kissed against their will by a group of young men who groped their breasts and buttocks, SVT reported.

The attacks reportedly took place in front of an overcrowded stage during the artists’ performances.

“It’s awfully crowded in there in the audience, and then the young guys came up and groped the girls,” Per-Arne Eriksson, duty officer at the police in Varmland, told SVT.

According to Per-Arne Eriksson, between seven and eight young men approached the women. Two assailants, aged 16 and 17, were later identified by the girls and were immediately arrested by police.

Migrants have been increasingly blamed for sexual crimes in Sweden, where migrant sex gangs have allegedly attacked girls from 12 to 17 years old over the past two summers at the Stockholm music festival. In a leaked police memo, security forces noted that“unaccompanied youth” from the Middle East were behind the crimes, Breitbart reported.

Similar attacks have happened elsewhere in Europe. In May, 18 women filed complaints with police in Germany, saying they were sexually assaulted at a musical festival in Darmstadt. Police arrested three refugees from Pakistan at the scene after three of the women immediately reported the assaults. Those attacks came just over two weeks after two female teenagers, aged 17 and 18, were sexually harassed by a group of 10 men during a street festival in Berlin.

Europe is currently facing its worst refugee crisis since World War II. Last year alone, some 1.8 million asylum-seekers entered the European Union fleeing war and poverty in Middle Eastern countries, according to data from the EU border agency Frontex.

Swedish police revealed on Friday that they will offer young women wristbands with the slogan “POLICEAVSPÄRRAT #tafsainte” [Police cordon, don’t grope] printed on them in Swedish, to prevent sexual assaults.

“By wearing these wristbands, young women will be able to make a stand. No one should have to accept sexual molestation. So do not grope. And if you are groped, report it to the police,” Police Chief Dan Eliasson said, according to the press release.

A Swedish police report released last month said that, according to a survey carried out by the EU’s rights agency, the country has the worst rates of sexual violence against women in all of Europe.

“Sweden tops the new EU Statistics on physical and sexual violence against women, sexual harassment and stalking. The conclusion is that the results are a consequence of Nordic alcohol culture, but also of non-traditional gender roles,” the report said.

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Bente Petersen

Refugees and immigrants need to learn the rules in the country they are now residing they are in fact guests/visitors and as such they should behave properly… learn the rules and follow them – if not they are not wanted – and should be sent back to where ever they came from. Just like President Putin said “they need us, not the other way round”… the few who do these stupid things really spoil it for all the majority who behave okay… not fair… so maybe the refugees can also put some pressure on these hooligans.


my dear Bente, they know perfectly well that what they are doing is immoral and against the law. They are doing it because that is what they get paid/told to do and it is not going to be taken under control, it will get only worse. It has been happening in Kosovo and Macedonia for decades, but the then government of Yugoslavia decided to brush it under the carpet as the full force of law would have appeared as a crack-down on the “poor Albanians”. We now see that this behaviour was orchestrated from the SA, who was poring billions of $USD into the project called “the green transverse”. Now we see that Kosovo and the destruction of Yugoslavia was not the main goal of this project, it was actually Europe, and we also know who is behind the SA, and it looks like your governments will deal with this problem the same way our did (I’ll leave it to you to draw the conclusion as to how this will end up). So a bit of advice to help you all out, use some personal lubrication before you bend over, apparently it hurts less…

Bente Petersen

I get what you are saying (and that is probably true that they are paid to do it…) … what is SA and what is “the green Transverse” ? looked it up can’t find it… I maintain my ratgher civilised stand follow the law or get kicked out – – – I could have done without your last line which is rather disgusting – – –


SA=Saudi Arabia the green Transverse is a project of Islamization of Europe your problem is not going to be resolved by using civilised stand, your Gov. will try and “educate” the problem (lol, they get their hands chopped off for such behaviour back home). Sorry bout your feeling re my last sentence, but it is much more disgusting what is happening at your home wouldn’t you agree? It was my moment of “I told you so…”, got carried away, my apologies if that hurt your feelings…

Bente Petersen

well – – the USA and probably EU will go the way all empires go eventually …. namely down the black hole… … SA will go too… and good riddance with them all… and by the way whatever SA calls it, it has nothing to do with Islam… I am 75, worked all over the world in and with many cultures, helped people, and never had a problem with any of them… – –


They should not be there in the first place.


“By wearing these wristbands, young women will be able to make a stand.”

What a fucking bullshit, who the fuck had this idea? Braindead libtards.


This isn’t an “immigrant problem” or a “muslim problem” it’s a criminal problem. Young men have to learn to live by the laws of the land. Send undercover cops to rock concerts and other gatherings arrest the perps and punish them accordingly. Besides criminal punishment I’m pretty sure sexual assault is grounds for expulsion for refugees.

Throughout time, in every boatload of immigrants there were a few criminals, con men and sexual deviants that were either run out of their home countries or went looking for greener pastures.

Valhalla rising

Yes it is a problem caused by these invaders and yes it is a muslim problem.Rapes were almost unknown in nordic countries in the 50s and 60s.Over 90% of these crimes are committed by muslim invaders aka “immigrants”.And no under current law they are not thrown out of the country if guilty of these crimes for humanitarian reasons.

Real Anti-Racist Action

It is one race genociding another indigenous ethnic tribal people. That is illegal according to the UN article II Section C of UN Resolution 260 on Genocide.

Valhalla rising

Europe is falling apart under the rule of these cultural marxists.The State lives from the rule of law.If the State is refusing to apply the law the citiziens will seek other ways.These invaders cant live in Europe peacefully with the natives.They have to go.The liberals who fostered mass invasion have to be punished.Of course nothing will be done.And so it wil get much worse.Europe will turn hard to the right.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Here you go my friend.

Real Anti-Racist Action

These pictures below tell the real story…

Lord Humongous

Yeah…a wristband, that’ll stop them. Idiots. What will stop them is shooting them in the face.

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