20 Coalition Troops Captured by Houthi Alliance near Ma’rib, Yemen


The Houthi forces took nearly two dozen Saudi-led coalition troops into captivity in Yemen.

20 Coalition Troops Captured by Houthi Alliance near Ma'rib, Yemen

At least 20 Saudi troops were captured in heavy clashes with the Houthi forces near Jawf-Ma’rib intersection inYemen on December 29.

The Saudi-led troops were moving through Jawf-Ma’rib.

Also, pro-Yemeni sources report that tens of Saudi-led troops have been killed and dozens more injured in the clashes in the province of Ma’rib.

Meanwhile, the Houthi forces took control of the Al-Awa military base and the Al-Karba region in the province of Ta’iz. Al-Karba was the biggest stronghold of the pro-Saudi troops in Jbal al-Habashi the province.




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  • The Swan

    KILL the bastards on the spot , don’t waste time looking after these western and gulf states cannibals .

  • Nexusfast123

    It is good that the Saudis are useless at fighting. Does not matter how much US military crap they buy they will always screw up. The sooner their economy tanks the better.

  • fuck the Coali “Zion”, bunch of criminals and terrorists, may dance in Hell,
    American soldiers brits and frenchy soldiers helped the fake Arab coalizion