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20.09.2015 Military Report of Novorossia

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The situation has escalated hard in Donetsk since last SouthFront’s Novorossia Military Report. Ukrainian forces have renewed usage of heavy caliber artillery and battle tanks at the contact line.

Last night, Donetsk outskirts and Donetsk airport came under heavy Ukrainian artillery fire from the directions of Avdeevka and Spartak. Separately, the settlement of Staromihailovka was shelled by Ukrainian battle tanks and artillery.

Reportedly, Ukrainian armed forces provoke Lungask Armed Forces moving battle tanks closely to the contact line. Yesterday, the movement of Ukrainian military equipment was observed at the sector of Lopaskino where Ukrainian battle tank took a fire position in 300 meters from the contact line.

The movement of Ukrainian battle tanks and armored vehicles was observed at the sector of Novotoshskoe. Also, an Ukrainian military column including heavy caliber artillery was observed at the sector of Novodar. 3 battle tanks, 3 jeeps and a few of armored personnel carriers were observed at Muratovo. The movement of 12 armored personnel carriers with Ukrainian troops was fixed from the settlement of Schastie to the North-West. The situation is escalating.

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