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ISIS Suicide Bomber Attacks Coalition Convoy In Syria’s Haskah Province (Photos, Video)

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UPDATE: The US-led coalition has confirmed the attack on its convoy, but claimed that “there were no US casualties”.


On January 21, a suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device exploded at a checkpoint of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northeastern Syria, when a column of the US-led coalition was passing it. According to reports, 2 US service members were wounded and 5 SDF members were killed in the attack.

This was the second attack, which caused casualties among the US personnel in Syria, within a week. On January 16, a suicide bombing attack hit a coalition patrol in the center of Manbij. 2 US service members, a US Defense Department civilian employee and a contractor supporting the department were killed in the attack.

ISIS claimed responsibility for both attacks via its news agency Amaq.

ISIS Suicide Bomber Attacks Coalition Convoy In Syria's Haskah Province (Photos, Video)

Click to see the full-size image

ISIS Suicide Bomber Attacks Coalition Convoy In Syria's Haskah Province (Photos, Video)

Click to see the full-size image

ISIS Suicide Bomber Attacks Coalition Convoy In Syria's Haskah Province (Photos, Video)

Click to see the full-size image

ISIS Suicide Bomber Attacks Coalition Convoy In Syria's Haskah Province (Photos, Video)

Click to see the full-size image

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Mustafa Mehmet

We want more action like this ??


Guess America will be staying then!

Mustafa Mehmet

Yankee gone need plenty more body bags

Zionism = EVIL

Amen to that.

Promitheas Apollonious

if they leave, their terrorists, will not be able to kill them any more so it is best they stay.

Gregory Casey

No sign of ISIS I suppose ……… either here or in Manbij


Israfuckies doing their best to keep amies in ME.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Mossad is doing this.

Zionism = EVIL

Could be Jews, they can smuggle Semtex in their big noses.

Tudor Miron

With financial help of Clintonoids in US.


2 hours ago
Always a clear indication that one is losing a war is when your own troops turn on you, that is ISIS, isreali attacking US coalition.


More good news!
I sincerely hope it was local Arab resistance…but unfortunately it stinks on Jews
and their desire to block U.S. departure…just like Manbij.

Zionism = EVIL

Kurdish media is reporting that the Americunts have been critically wounded. More cannon fodder redneck trash to sleep in the mean streets of AmeriKKKa. Just look at the condition of MRAP blown to bits.

US has ‘no plan for Syria’ after pullout: US ex-envoy

Bratt McGurk, who quit over Trump’s decision to withdraw, says lack of strategy in Syria increases risk to US forces.


Apparently those MRAP’s are built for the protection from the mines…
But not exactly for big motherfucking IED’s on the side of the road….

There are PLENTY of Latinos as new recruits…

“US has ‘no plan for Syria’ after pullout: US ex-envoy”

I hope you don’t buy that shit…
They always have some “plan” they just not going to tell us.
Even if it is very bad plan they still have some “plan”…
It might be also kind of plan that neocons don’t like it so they call it
The only thing all Bratt McGurk’s would call “strategy” is the 17 years war plan & “strategy” just like Afghanistan

The ONLY US “strategy” they have is to start the new wars and never to stop them once they start!

Zionism = EVIL

The moron Trump wants to build a wall and stop the Latino cannon fodder. They are hardly soldier material anyway but dopers, the Ansarollah in Yemen killed about 30 Colombian mercenaries and the rest ran back to baila, baila.


US is in the very bad shape economically and nobody knows that today better than Trump.

It should not be objective to get limitless source of the new recruits.
But to stop US hemorrhaging trillions of dollars into all those wars!
US can’t afford any longer even to support investing in their own army on the present scale for long time.
Let alone to continue endless wars that are HUGE expense!

Dollar is about to COLLAPSE at least 30% and lose the position of the only world trade currency till the next year at the latest !!

If you didn’t know than be warned and be ready for that.
Many things will start to change.

Zionism = EVIL

US will be in recession in a few months, the economic war with China has backfired big time too.

leon mc pilibin

Nutandyahoo,has unleashed his ISIS,,mossad terrorists,to make the stupid americans stay to fight and die for israhell,AS USUAL.

Zionism = EVIL

Now the Americunt redneck trash are being sucked into a real war and casualties will mount.

Turkish Greywolves

8 PKK terrorists killed and 2 US soldiers injured

Zionism = EVIL

Gay Wolf you think the Turds did this? LOL

Turkish Greywolves

whoever done this, god bless them

Zionism = EVIL

I agree, Let the fuckers die n Syria.

Turkish Greywolves

did i state we killed them r*tard?

Zionism = EVIL

Gay Wolf don’t you know how to spell RETARD, RETARDO :)


Whenever you see someone with a “flag or some nickname” leading people to believe he’s turkish or a yankee or muslim etc in fact he’s a 100% israheli hasbara stuck in a military style call center spreading hatred btw nations and people ! And usualllllly you see 2 accounts or more going at eachother for exemple a “sunni muslim vs shia muslim”, when in fact its the same fake zionist jew in the same military call center i mentioned spreading hatred, division, propaganda to deceive people.

Turkish Greywolves

im a turk you dumb b*, oruspu evladi

Keep it Real

The USa doesnt want another Iraq! they pull out asap!

Zionism = EVIL

This will be Iraq on steroids. Lots of players with different agendas, but they all hate the Americunt dumbasses,


Yes, it’s the start an IED campaign against the US Military, whomsoever is responsible, or even multiple factions.

The result will be the same, bodybags filled with body parts being returned to the USA.
That’s what happens when Exceptional People play with real guns, rather than video games. :)


The mossado inbred kikearonies doing what filthy stinking bolshevik hebs do best, KILL on stupid unclesugers diminishing dollar. Named after the spanish dollar since they had all the gold in those days but lost it all when the communist bolshevik jews loaded it all up and shipped it to the jew Headquarters in red square during the yid orkisstrated (((Spanish civil war))). Must have been pay back for the inquisition, those sneaky conversos.

Brother Ma

Speaking of conversos ,most of those Gay Wolves are descendants of force-converted Christians just like Erdogan. They became the most rabid and cruel of all ,just like Janissaries!

Repent Gay Wolves and go back to the religion of your forefathers! Do it now! You will feel better.

neil barron

To all the hate full statements here you are the cause of the incidence.
Not one of has anything to say intelligent.


Nuke the ME. Ishmael and Issac gone. Problem solved.


It’s not IS.


Always a clear indication that one is losing a war is when your own troops turn on you, that is ISIS, isreali attacking US coalition.


This is absolutely correct.

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