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2 US Soldiers killed, 5 Others Injured In Iraq. ISIS Says This Was Result Of Its Shelling Near Tal Afar

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2 US Soldiers killed, 5 Others Injured In Iraq. ISIS Says This Was Result Of Its Shelling Near Tal Afar

Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Two US soldiers were killed and five others were wounded while they were conducting oprations in northern Iraq, the US military said in a statement on Sunday.

According to the released statement, “initial reports indicate the incident was not due to enemy contact”.

No details have been released so far. The incident remains under investigation.

“The entire counter-ISIS Coalition sends our deepest condolences to these heroes’ families, friends, and teammates,” said Lt. Gen. Stephen J. Townsend, commander of Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve, according to the statement. “There are no words to describe the respect I have for you and sorrow I have for your loss. I hope there is some small solace in knowing their loss has meaning for our country and all the nations of the Coalition as the fallen service members were fighting to defeat a truly evil enemy and to protect our homelands.”

According to the ISIS-linked  news agency Amaq, the US troops were killed and injured as result of the terrorist group’s shelling near Tal Afar.

ISIS allegedly shelled a gathering of US soldiers near al-Bwair village east of Tal-Afar town with Grad rockets. According to Amaq, 4 US soldiers were killed and 6 others were injured. Amaq also mentioned that ISIS fighters tracked and monitored the US soldiers from the air mostly using a small drone.

The town of Tal Afar is the last major ISIS stronghold in northern Iraq. The Iraqi Army and the US-led coalition are preparing  for a large-scale operation to liberate the area.

Troops of the US-led coalition against ISIS are actively operating in Iraq and Syria and even direclty egange ISIS terrorists at frontlines. However, the US military prefers to hide such facts.

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Only 2 soldiers… Damn! murikkka been killing millions of Iraqis and are still counting with their indiscriminate bombing of innocent civilians


I never trust what USA says. Surely nobody have died. Just lies to continue destroying Iraq and Syria.

John Whitehot

Make Israel pay reparations, since US servicemen deployed in Middle East are there to fight jewish wars.

When Trump states that “NATO countries should pay for their defence” one wonders why with Israel things work the other way, since it’s the US that gives them trillions in defence aid packages, yet US servicemen have to do the fighting.

How much money does the US contribute to NATO, and how much money they contribute to Israel? I’d really like to see the figures.


Trump is just a stupid goy. A fake nationalist that even trumpists don’t trust anymore.
You can’t be a nationalist and a jew lover. It’s not compatible.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Stop calling Donald Jewish Trump a goy , his parents were Jewish therefore he is a Jew.


NATO exists to protect America.
America should pay 100% of the bill for it.

John Whitehot

If one makes a simple 2+2 assumption, it seems that NATO exists to protect Israel, which is not a member.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US should pay all these Nations since it does protect the US interests and Israel rides the coattails of the US.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Each nation contributes in administration costs due to the size of it’s representatives in Belgium, no nation contributes to actual wars involving NATO each country bears their own costs unlike the UN. The UN peacekeeping fund was supposed to be maintained by all members but one country refused to pay but always withdrew money when it was involved in peacekeeping missions and for the longest never paid it’s membership due for Years, that honor belongs to the US.

Brad Isherwood

Israel is a 1 of a Kind geopolitical reality.
US/CIA/Deepstate interviene in foreign nations via intrigues.
They place their own soldiers and Mercinary there.
They also create the opposition. …even fund/arm it to sustain tensions.
American servicemen are KIA Afghanistan /Iraq (over 5000) WIA – over 100,000*
* my opinion.
Israel has how many KIA and WIA?
Israel has no real capable opponents who are armed and can move about to attack
IDF ….
When Israel last did encounter a capably armed Opponent (Hezbollah 2006).
They had a Warship knocked out,…lost a dozen or more of their Vaunted Merkava’s.
IDF standing army checkmate by less than 5000.

IAF may be effective vs no Airdefence or Airforce.
IDF are not combat effective when less than 5000 Donair shop operators send them packing : )


And Amaq agency is just a CIA propaganda tool. ISIS has other thing to do than to take pictures of what they are doing and to broacast it. How can can Amaq agency broacast ???? Because it’s a CIA propaganda tool just like USA helped creating ISIS and benefit from it.

Manuel Flores Escobar

US troops went to Tal Afar to avoid PMU fighters to retake the city!…a Join operation with Iraqi army and after that they will build a new base for US forces!


The whole middle east is a UNITED STATES gigantic MILITARY BASE. Mean while the Total Government & Personal Debt In The U.S. Has Hit 41 Trillion Dollars. Total Government & Personal Debt In The U.S. Has Hit 41 Trillion Dollars plus 120 TRILLIONS of UNFUNDED LIABILITIES…The U.S have over 900 military bases around the world, the UNITED STATES is a BANKRUPT COUNTRY, still in “business” only by the PRINTING OF FIAT MONEY and many countries are refusing to use the U.S dollar as payment, WE ARE IN DEEP SHIT.


And – just to make you feel more cheerful – the CIA factbook put the US current account deficit at …. $481 trillion last year.

Yes. You are in deep shìt.


I trust ISIS remembers to send letters of apology for killing their American brothers-in-arms.
…. Or do they only apologise to Israel?


Should be “directly engage” in the last paragraph.

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