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2 Turkish Soldiers Killed in Northern Aleppo as ISIS Advancing on Ankara-led Forces

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2 Turkish Soldiers Killed in Northern Aleppo as ISIS Advancing on Ankara-led Forces

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Two Turkish soldiers have been killed in the Syrian province of Aleppo, Doğan News Agency reported on September 20. According to the report, the soldiers were killed during participation in the Operation Euphrates Shield between the towns of Jarablus and al-Rai in northern Syria. They were wounded in explosion and then died from wounds in Gaziantep University hospital.

Meanwhile, the ISIS terrorist group successfully advanced on the Ankara-led forces in the same area, recapturing the villages of Sandi, Shaw al-Kabir, Shaw al-Saghir and al-Rawdah from the Turkish Armed Forces and Ankara-backed militant groups.

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Tom kauser

Was wearing the wrong beret

2? Finally ISIS takes out an actual bad guy, two of them to be exact. Funny how they kill 100,000 children, many Syrians and Lebanese and Iraqis, but only 2 Turks and 0 Israelis. Hmm. I am beginning to think that ISIS is really Atheist who are working to advance Zionism. Seeing as how ISIS is focused on the genocide of all Monotheist they run across. ie(Christians, Alawite, Sunni, Shia)


Real action alright , two down and four the week previous , so six in “training exercise’s” , not warfare . Just another re-brand or name change; ISIS becoming FSA . And no news on Turkish – Kurdish mix-ups either . Turkish news black out .

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