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2 Suicide Bombers In Police Uniform Explode In Syria’s Tartus After Firefight With Security Officers (Video)

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2 Suicide Bombers In Police Uniform Explode In Syria's Tartus After Firefight With Security Officers (Video)

Photo: http://en.alalam.ir/

Two suicide bombers in police uniform detonated themselves after a firefight with Syrian security officers in the coastal town of Tartus on January 1.

Security services had successfully prevented terrorists from entering a crowded area of the town.

Two officers were killed as result of the incident.

No group has taken responsibility for the attack.

Tartus is a major government stronghold in the province of Latakia. The Russian naval facility involved into anti-terrorist operations in Syria  is located near the town.

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it is ok that the assad mass murderers and the head choppers decimate each other


Looks like the trolls have recovered from New Year`s Eve.


Perhaps the 2017 funding from soros just arrived…

Jens Holm

So why is the a troll. I sometimes think the same. Let the worst of them kill each other and the last syrian be a woman saying welcome to the 8-10 million normal ones.

Trustin Judeau

Oh no another low life idiot appears here

Jens Holm

Very hig level on Your comment. Did you use a chair.


shut up liar. we know what you are and who’s paying you to post this BS. tell yer boss to assign you to another website.

The Bandalar

trid2bnrml – You do know that hundreds of millions of people legitimately believe that, right? I’m so sick of seeing people on “my side” accusing everyone who does not agree of being a CIA/Mossad/Soros secret agent. It makes us look like completely morons.

This is not a middle eastern news website. If you want to explain to aurelius why he’s wrong to believe what the media tells him about Russia and Assad, go ahead.

If you want to exchange delusions with like minded people, however, find an Egyptian or Pakistani news website and leave the adults here to discuss in peace.

Jens Holm

They could join an exchange program with the pinquins and cool down too.


Sorry, but it’s common knowledge now that a very large part of the most aggressive and vociferous people in comment sections are “CIA/Mossad/Soros secret agents”. We now know there are thousands of them out there, doing just that…”countering Russian propaganda” FOR PAY.

Even the academically challenged (and some idiots) now understand that the MSM is and has been lies and propaganda for a very long time…do try to catch up. Since the advent of the internet, there is little excuse for an intellectual blackout.

Jens Holm

Aurelius writing like like that, make me smile.


Marcos, have you gone mad?

Jens Holm

I remember him to. Welcome back. My hair is already grey.


No, yet again the NATO and Gulf State backed terrorists blew themselves up in a Syrian city, hoping to kill as many other people in residential district as possible, it’s not really okay, is it?

Jens Holm

No, those freebee syrians should be in the front taking Palmyra back, if they really want it.


What are you on about? This was another suicide bombing by extremists in government controlled residential district – in Tartus.

Jens Holm

I know geografi.

Im just telling, that behind the front many 1000 dont care a shit, and Assads has a lack of soldiers as long as they just can go on as usual.

Diego Castellanos

Sorry for your cousins. Let us to know when is your turn to blow up.


Security was on the ball . Despite the fake police uniforms , these jihadists met more than their match.
Syria ; a Great New Year !

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