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3 Policemen Shot Dead and More are Injured When Alleged Religious Radical Attacks Police Station in Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Three policemen are shot dead and several people are injured in an attack of the police station of Kazakhstan’s largest city, Almaty.  

3 Policemen Shot Dead and More are Injured When Alleged Religious Radical Attacks Police Station in Almaty, Kazakhstan

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RIA Novosti reported citing a security source that there was a deadly attack of the Almaty’s police station. The attacker is an alleged religious radical, who killed 3 policemen and injured several more people.

One civilian has also been killed.

An anti-terror operation is underway in Almaty. Emergency services and the local interior ministry recommend that locals stay at their homes and avoid public places. Locals have also been asked to inform police of any suspicious people.

“The public will be additionally informed about any changes in the situation,” the interior department press service said.

According to the media outlet 365info.kz at least 10 shots were fired.

“At first there were three or four single shots fired, and then there was a round. The unknown attacker ran away with the machine gun, and the policemen ran after him,” employees at nearby offices told Bestnews.kz media outlet.

Witnesses of the scene used the social networks to report that ‘’an unknown person wearing black was shooting with a machine gun at police, trying to stop their car, and then ran in the eastern direction.’’

The alleged attacker has been detained:

It is yet unknown the total number of the people rushed to hospitals but it will be soon determined. So far it is known that the number of shooting victims is at least five, local media reported, citing medics.

A red level of anti-terror alert has been announced in the city. It is enacted only when the level of danger is critical and a danger of a terrorist act is possible. The area near the police station, as well as near the Department of the National Security Committee have been blocked off by police. The railway station has also been cordoned off.

Atempt to blow up Eurasia through Kazakhstan

Written by Yoana for South Front

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Rodney Jones

#PrayforAlmaty https://www.everipedia.com/2016-shooting-of-almaty-kazakhstan-police-officers-1/

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