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2 People Killed, 7 Wounded In ISIS Bombing Attack Near Election Commission Offices In Kabul


On October 29, an ISIS suicide bomber blew himself up near the Independent Election Commission (IEC) offices in the Afghan capital of Kabul, according to TOLO News.

One police officer and one IEC staff member were killed in the attack. Seven persons – four IEC staff members, two police officers and one civilian – were also injured. According to reprots, the attack took place close to the gate of the IEC offices.

The attack took place a week after Afghanistan held the parliamentary elections for the first time in a long period. It should be noted that the voting day was also marked by terrorist attacks at various places across the country.

Over the past year, the Taliban and ISIS have significantly expanded areas under their control in the war-torn country. It should be noted that the ISIS expansion is mostly limited by actions of the Taliban. The US-backed Kabul government and the US-led military coalition have contributed little efforts to combat this terrorist group in Afghanistan.

2 People Killed, 7 Wounded In ISIS Bombing Attack Near Election Commission Offices In Kabul

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  • H Eccles

    So while the Americans are expending engergy to stop the Taliban from disrupting elections, they are at the same time sending in their ISIS assets to do guess what?… that’s right, to disrupt the elections.

    You couldn’t make it up..

  • I didn’t vote and the election was a circus show, waste of money and resources.

    • HardHawk

      it seems every where the zionists are involved is a circus any way so why to be any different in your country? If you want to see a real circus election you should see what happens in Greece.