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JUNE 2023

2 Palestinians Killed, 232 Others Injured In Day Of Rage Against Israel (Videos)

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2 Palestinians Killed, 232 Others Injured In Day Of Rage Against Israel (Videos)

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On Friday, thousands of Palestinians took on the streets to protests against the US decision to recognize the city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Dozens of protests were held in Ramallah, Hebron, Nablus, Bethlehem and the eastern part of Jerusalem city in the Western Bank region, according to Palestinian sources. Large protests were also held in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, right on the frontline with the Israel Army.

On Wednesday, the Palestinian Hamas Movement called Palestinians to turn Friday into a “day of rage” to protests the US decision. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah supported Hamas call during a televised speech on Thursday, and called for similar protests in Lebanon and the Islamic world in general.

The Palestinian Red Crescent reported that the Israeli security forces injured over 217 Palestinians during the protests in the Western Bank. Israeli security forces reportedly used tear gas and rubber bullets in an attempt to crackdown the protestors.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Red Crescent announced that 2 protestors were killed and 15 others were injured by the Israeli Army during the protests in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian activists said that Israeli Army soldiers opened live fire on the civilian protestors in the northern part of Gaza Strip.

Similar protests to denounce the US decision were held in Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Algeria, Turkey, Iran and many other countries.

The UN Security Council is expected to held an emergency meeting on Friday to discuss the US decision to recognize Jerusalem  as the capital of Israel upon request from eight members of the council including Palestine.

The protests are expected to continue all over the Palestinian region in the upcoming days, as the tension grow in the region.

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Vince Dhimos

Trump has the support of most “Christian” Zionists, the most dangerous sect in the world: http://www.newsilkstrategies.com/culture/the-worlds-most-dangerous-cult-its-not-wahhabism-part-iii

jerry Hamilton

No. He has only zionist support. Not all jews like what he did. Trump lost in Syria and this is his tantrum.

Stephen Lambert

Point is most Zionists are”Christian” evangelicals…….. wanting to rush us all to the “final judgement” so they can get to heaven………. dickheads…….. Christ Himself said, “My kingdom is not of this world”.


Christian zionists are being used. They will have nothing at the end.

Stephen Lambert

“Christian” Zionists are not being being used, they are the problem.


oh really, it’s funny because they oppose the Catholic Church with their terrible European history and all, and they’re also oppsoed to Russian interests as well as Chinese interests. I wonder what’s next, oh maybe you’re gonna say that white people were the only slave owners XD

Jozsef Osztronkovics

Jerusalem is Palestinians It is criminal those zion-satanist murderess scum’s taking Palestinian land This is what zionisrael is talking Democracy

You can call me Al

No Jerusalem should remain neutral, well at least the part of the holy sites – sites that encompass Christian, Jewish and Muslim seriously holy sites.

The zion-satanist scum are not even real Jews and need eliminating, similar to he Saudis regards Mecca.


Who are those people ? Trump says that they don’t exist. So, who are they ?


Not killed- MURDERED. Why does Southfront insist on reporting using the ORWELLIAN language of the zionist atrocities that control the mainstream media of the West.

Jews butcher non-jews in israel and the surrounding nations without penalty- never forget this. And every major jewish organisation on the planet have worked tirelessly since WW2 to place jews ABOVE the law.

Look at Weinsteain and Polanski. Not accused rapists and child abusers, but PROUD rapists and child abusers. Powerful jews supported and protected by a network of other powerful jews. Normally the most laughable accusation against a man by a woman, and that man is arrested immediately, even if he can provide immediate proof of his innocence, But NOT ONE of the Hollywood jews accused of multiple counts of rape has been questioned by police, let alone arrested- NOT ONE.

The jew Weinstein was granted the greatest industry honours by the UK and French governments, because of the influence of British and French jews.

As a collective, jews are abusing and murdering non-jews. Without this jewish influence, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria would not have been put to the sword.

At different times in Human History, a group of like minded people can arise whose purpose ends up being entirely murderous. The mongols, the nazis and so on. And each of these groups uses the same tactic- “don’t you dare look at our demonic works- that would be ‘racist'”.

The jewish state of Israel has always partnered and supported the WORST regimes on the planet- bit of a clue don’t you think. Israel gave Apartheid South Africa nuclear and bilogical weapons for use against ‘black’ opponents. Israel is the blood partner of the wahhabi horrors of Saudi Arabia today. And every major jewish organisation on the planet explicitly supports Israel- the NONSENSE that even a significant minority of jews are against Israel is disproved by the FACT that the organisations that represent these jews ALWAYS give complete support to the zionists.

Look at official politics in France, Germany, Canada, Australia, USA and UK. Totally jewish dominated, and any politician that dares to utter an anti-zionist sentiment is ruined. Yet jews in each of these nations are the tiniest of minorities.

When in the name of some jewish cause, a non-jew is murdered, the compensation offered to the familiy of the innocent is in the thousands of dollars. But when a jewish extremist is killed in Palestine, European/American courts award the family of the zionist TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars in compensation- and the jews boast that one jew is worth tens of thousands of non-jews.

Because the world refuses to deal with its sick racist zionist problem, it teeters on the edge of WW3. Only when sites like this start to use the word MURDER to describe what zionists do to those they call ‘sub-Human’ can things start to change.

Gabriel Hollows

What we need is a true solution, a final solution. Death to Israel.


“Majority of Americans oppose moving embassy to Jerusalem …

According to a new poll conducted by the University of Maryland, The Middle East and Russia: American attitudes on Trump’s foreign policy, found that a strong majority of Americans (63 percent), including 44 percent of Republicans oppose moving the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.”


Michael Qiao

if what you say is true, then I might still have a sliver of hope for Americans

Red Pill Trice

“Took on the streets” Maybe change to: ‘Took to the streets’?


Can do nothing. Something different is needed. Palestinians need to step up their game. USA as a peace broker is no longer credible. The US is proving without a doubt that it is favoring one side over the other. This is opening the door to Russia and China. But Israel will never welcome a broker they don’t control. So that leaves one option: Resist the occupier and it is legitimate to use any means, I can tell you the occupiers are not hesitating a bit from what we’ve seen.

Don Machiavelli

zionist pussie scumbags… Man throws a rock, they respond with machine gun fire. Zionists will be creators of their own demise. Simple as that, they almost made whole world hate them, if only not for zio controlled medias they would be long gone. Lord Northcliffe was in their way once. No one else is since then.


hordes of men block streets and start tyre fires while attempting to over run checkpoints. you do that on my drive way you’re gettin a bullet F4GG0T

Don Machiavelli

Do not compare normal society with apartheid. What sick ‘values’ are you promoting here? Please, with all due respect, get educated.


https://www.inquisitr.com/3939994/saudi-arabia-tent-city-refugees-war-torn-nations winge winge winge, I have a solution, you can all focus your attention here but you won’t you dipsh1t sheeple.

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