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2 Days to Save SF


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Dear friends!

2 days left to the end of July. Thank you all who have supported the project in this month!

Unfortunately, by today, SouthFront has collected only about 86% (4300 USD) of the needed monthly amount. In general, SouthFront needs about 5000 USD per month to keep the full-scale content production. The project won’t be able to continue the  work without your support.

If SouthFront is not able to collect the minimal amount that the project needs in July, the number of content will be reduced next month, significantly.

We kindly ask you, please, support the project. It helps SouthFront to stay alive:


Please, don’t use recurring payment option

Account: southfront@list.ru

2 Days to Save SF

Tinypass (Piano)

This systems accepts all types of cards, PayPal, Amazon Payments, bitcoin (FAQ is under the main text, in P.S.)

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2 Days to Save SF

2 Days to Save SF

2 Days to Save SF

2 Days to Save SF

2 Days to Save SF

2 Days to Save SF


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Bitcoin: southfront90@list.ru
Adress for BTC: 1PvKhgVDoXp96Yyp7Pgs5uMPkChSMA2G5n



Sincerely yours,

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence Team



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  • jaroooo

    Then I hope the reductions will affect russian propaganda crap and not normal war reports.