2 Cargo Planes With Supplies And Equipment Arrive Deir Ezzor Airport – Syrian MoD


2 Cargo Planes With Supplies And Equipment Arrive Deir Ezzor Airport - Syrian MoD


Two cargo planes with supplies and equipment for government forces have arrived Deir Ezzor Airport, the Syrian Defense Ministry reported on Monday.

This was the first time in few years when cargo planes landed with supplies in this area.

Earlier in September, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies broke the ISIS siege on the airport and secured its vicinity. As a result it become an important logisitcal point allowing to provide supplies to the advancing governent forces.



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    • Solomon Krupacek

      blackjack day

    • Robert Duran

      was thinking the same

  • wwinsti

    The first of many.

  • gustavo

    After recovering and securing oil fields at Omar, everything will happen very fast. With the strong help of aerospace Russia force, Syria will have a very happy New Year this year on. Kurds (USA-puppets) have to back off and become Syria citizens, non kurdistan Israel-USA idea. This will be left when peace arrives totally in Syria, Turkey and Iraq.

  • hhabana

    Congrats to SAA, Iran and Russia.

  • Justin

    I can’t wait for the Syrian airforce fighters and bombers to start taking off!
    I wanna see some large IL-76 cargo planes arriving too!
    Perhaps a few Russian SU-25SM3’s as well!
    That’s when we know that they truly have the upper hand!

  • SOF

    Good, Russia can now ship all kinds of stuff on their Antonovs to back up the critical mission to secure the oil fields, and maybe some heavy equipment to hold the SDF at bay.