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2 Aircraft Carriers Lead ‘Show Of Strenght’ In South China Sea As Navarro Slams Beijing For “Spreading The Virus”

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

On the eve of Independence Day, the White House is once again stoking tensions with Beijing, as President Trump continues to embrace aggressive rhetoric toward China as a key campaign issue that (he hopes) will help bring out more Trump voters worried about Biden and/or members of his family’s dubious business ties to China and Ukraine.

Media reports claim that the US is sending not one but two aircraft carriers into the South China Sea, one of the hottest flashpoints on earth right now (at least, one of the hottest flash points that’s not situated along India’s land-border), as the US Navy holds military exercises in the area, a major middle finger to Beijing and the PLA-Navy.

The USS Ronald Reagan and USS Nimitz are scheduled to hold some of the Navy’s largest exercises in recent years in the area, which is frequently beset upon by American destroyers sailing within 12 miles of certain islands developed by China that are the subject of competing international claims.

2 Aircraft Carriers Lead 'Show Of Strenght' In South China Sea As Navarro Slams Beijing For "Spreading The Virus"

Media reports claim that the US is sending not one but two aircraft carriers into the South China Sea, one of the hottest flashpoints on earth right now (at least, one of the hottest flash points that’s not situated along India’s land-border), as the US Navy holds military exercises in the area, a major middle finger to Beijing and the PLA-Navy.

The USS Ronald Reagan and USS Nimitz are scheduled to hold some of the Navy’s largest exercises in recent years in the area, which is frequently beset upon by American destroyers sailing within 12 miles of certain islands developed by China that are the subject of competing international claims.

The exercise will involve the two carriers as well as 4 other warships along with round-the-clock fights and missions.

The news comes as Peter Navarro, who has seemingly been relegated back to a supply closet office in the West Wing now that the trade deal is dead in the water, has apparently been let out of his cage long enough to rant about Beijing and the CCP leadership’s unforgivable failure to contain the coronavirus.

Perhaps it’s because China has seemingly been on a agricultural commodity buying spree in Latin America?

For a while there, it seemed like China would buy up ever-more American agricultural products for the simple reason that they were cheap and China needed the supplies.

But now that China is walking away with its money, we wouldn’t be too surprised to hear Navarro once again declare the trade deal to be “over” (like he did the other week before Beijing and his colleagues leaned on him to recant). Though he didn’t go quite to that extreme here, at this point, his rhetoric is probably the best barometer, and if he starts talking about the deal being “over” again, it might be time to start listening.

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Jim Bim

The White House is once again stoking tensions with Beijing and sending not one but two aircraft carriers into the South China Sea in show of force = in show of stupidity.


China already shat its pants

Jim Bim

your skull is filled with shit.


The Yellow Sea is named after the scared Chinese peed themselves when hearing the name ‘US Navy’.

Daily Beatings

China already beat the US to a stand-off in the Korean War to the point that MacArther wanted to use nukes. And that’s when China was much less powerful.


Mcarthur threatened to use them if they don’t retreat. They should have done the same in Vietnam.

Daily Beatings

If was the US that retreated back to the 38th parallel. For that outburst and defying the administration Truman stripped MacArthur of his command. Truman made the correct decision not to escalate against China, who had a permanent seat on the UN council.

Ivan Freely

The PRC wasn’t on the UNSC back then. I believe Truman was worried about what the Soviet Union would do.

Daily Beatings

You are correct, forgot it was the ROC. Thanks for the update.


Totally have!

Tommy Jensen

We need all the American boys and military we can get in America’s war against the Corona virus and also terror. China invented, travelled and spread the Corona virus all over America only for profit, and China already had the test kit and the vaccine ready BEFORE they were spreading it so they could sell more!

Therefore we are in the South China-American Sea now to protect the American people against those nations who wish to do us harm! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f1c363fd6621e73670f4ec8659386ac65dd920abaedab09756850e6e8e4543de.jpg


I think FlRST Working vaccine will be Russian not HAN. Genome of virus FlRST decoded in good ole Petrograd. In March.

Tommy Jensen

The Chinese test kits already proved fake in some African countries. So whats up with China’s coop with fake WHO?? Trump was right again when he dismissed the unreliable WHO for China bias. It follows the same pattern as the previous strains from the same virus types. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6KuMxSjJNU

Jim Bim

Stop taking Meth.

Traiano Welcome

“China invented, travelled and spread the Corona virus”

You’re aware the US government was funding corona virus research at the Wuhan lab, right?

PS: Nice pictures of targets.

Laurent Parodi

PLA navy in 2022: 83 missile boats 71 corvetes 49 frigates 42 destroyers 8 cruisers 4 aircraft carriers 3 helicopter carriers 75 submarines The us navy simply doesn t have the means to confront china in the china sea. At most they can do military parades like those they have started to do since last year.

Laurent Parodi

Occupybacon if it s you I blocked you. Go trolling someone else. You are wasting your time.


A lot of destroyers….looks like a pan Pacific and Indian ocean navy if these numbers are right. I assume under construction Included.

Laurent Parodi

Yes I included also the ships under construction. But around 90% of these ships are already in service or launched. China needs a blue water navy for its one road one belt project. In 2019 china launched 23 warships (2 type 055 cruisers, 7 type 052D destroyers, 1 type 075 helicopter carrier and 12 type 056 corvetes.

Ivan Freely

FYI, there’s two Type 75 LHDs getting fitted out.

Daily Beatings

China can build ships much faster. US admits there is a “problem”


Notice China’s penchant for smaller vessels with hyper-sonic missile capabilities. US fleet in its current configuration provides a rich target environment for the PLA.

Laurent Parodi

The us wants a navy to project power so they need big ships. China builds both small ships to defend itself and big ships to project power mainly to protect the new silk roads. China is the biggest industrial power in the world (30% of world industry). I am not so surprised by their pace in building new ships.

Daily Beatings

US Navy wants to project power over some helpless countries without the means to defend themselves. Against a peer military the US Navy is in big trouble, Even with Aegis and Phalanx the bulk of hyper-sonic missiles will easily get through:


Laurent Parodi

Yes I agree. The us navy would be in a very bad position against china and russia. The us wants to confront iran in the middle east, russia in europe and china in the pacific. They also want to control the carabean see. All of this at the same time. It s impossible. In war time, the us navy aicraft and helicopter carriers would become targets very quickly, just like battleships in WW2.

Assad must stay

america is done finished and ended

Peter Moy

The Aegis is a very sophisticated system but it can be overwhelmed by swarms of missiles and attack aircraft. Speaking of the Phalanx CIWS 20 mm. gun, does anyone know what the ammunition loads (basic load) are for that system? I would estimate that each gun would need MILLIONS of rounds of ammunition if they were in a high threat area (e.g. against China, Russia or Iran) crawling with anti-ship missiles.

Traiano Welcome

I think an attack against an Aegis in. the SCS will not even begin with missile swarms, I think:

– Torpedo submarines will be shadowing Aegis long before any standoff begins – China’s merchant navy will be embedded in the area appearing to be civilian ships but marking out an attack perimeter – EW will begin using autonomous subs long before any swarm attacks begin – Chemical and Biological attacks by small hard to spot drones against the ships will follow EW attacks – Torpedo attacks will precede swarm missile attacks – Air to sea missile swarm attacks will precede land to sea missile attacks

These will happen in high intensity waves, with the PLA phoning every few minutes asking if the Americans want deal. Human nature says the US will cave and back off.

China can’t be blockaded by sea anymore, the BRI project has guaranteed a land transport route for Chinese goods and oil supplies. Remember the Hainan Island incident. When push comes to shove the Americans back down.

Daily Beatings

You are spot on. China will hit hard and fast until the US says “uncle”.


How many aircraft carriers can they build between now and November 3rd? because thats as long as they’ve got before they are Sanctioned by the entire world!

their single carrier cant launch heavy laden aircraft which means short range, less missiles! plus they have very bad low powered engines!

Those chinese made islands are soon to become GIFTS to the Allies navy and airforce!

Thanks China!

Daily Beatings

“… before they are Sanctioned by the entire world!”

The only country that placed sanctions on China is the US. All the vassals just waved their finger to appease Washington. You need to stop watching Fox News.


Do u know how sanctions work? If the USA sanction a nation, invades a nation, blames a nation, etc, usually many dependent US nations follow!

In this case most nations are waiting in line to sanction China! Which ones? Well obviously the ones who will benefit from the relocation of manufacturing plants of the US and Western companies from China! Then you have those who dont like China’s claim to the South China sea!

Germany has been totally screwed by China’s IP theft!

oh and if u dont join in, u may just lose access to the US market!

Thats how it works!

And come on, after this Corona Virus shit for which China’s “official story” is still enough to have them sanctioned! I mean, these morons re-opened the wet markets after only 4 weeks! Those wet markets have given the world SARS and COVID-19

of course they will be sanctioned…. what are u stupid?


Traiano Welcome

Sanctions against China don’t follow the usual rules. US has been sanctioning China for years, yet they still have a TRADE DEFICIT with China! Do you think sanctions even matter against China given that fact?


That trade deficit was by design! bad for the USA and should not have ever occurred! Trump is / was fixing that until the Chinese virus came about!

USA has not sanctioned china for years! send me a link that states this!

Sanctions are coming on china and the world is joining in! This is being discussed now amongst Australia and Europe! We all know the USA under Trump wants this! its not about the global economy anymore its about national security! China is stealing intellectual property! Also its indebting nations everywhere!

its being put to a stop! Which is why war is ramping up!

u can bet your house on it that China will be sanctioned! and the so called US debt they have will be written off due to the Corona virus damage! nations have suffered all the while china refuses to allow nations to investigate it! Even if u trusted china’s excuses these fuckers re-opened the wet markets only 4 weeks after the virus came out! this wet market has given the world SARS and COVID-19

But they dont want investigations! they want u to trust the WHO! lol

China is fucked! thats all i have to say!

Traiano Welcome

LOL! Your post has so many factual, logical and reasoning issues it’s not worth my time educating you further.

I’ll leave the other posters on the forum to fix the problems with your ‘argument’.


“I tripped and fell on my face because it was by design. Should never have happened”

Shall i explain it? How did the USA end up in a trade deficit with most countries? Stupidity? outclassed? THINK!

Why would the world trade organisation invite china into the global trade only for it to skyrocket over 40 years, transfer all western industries to it! China Steals intellectual property, hacks, buys etc etc!

China is a Globalist creation!

BY DESIGN! Why do u think ONLY the W.H.O are allowed into China when it comes to the Corona virus?

What u need to do is start broadening your view of the world! Ask yourself things like this: Why would Joe Biden hold back foreign aid to Ukraine until a certain AG was fired? 1 billion dollars so he can get away with 10 million for himself?

Its called corruption! Why is Trump trying to undo this? Why are they throwing everything they can at him to stop him getting re-elected?

Instead of ignoring this u should start looking into it! there is a whole other game going on and u are not privy to any of it because u have already chosen your world view!

By design.

Infiltration of the USA! Was the FED implemented by design? If so to do what? What does Soros do?

Why dont u think a little more and stop thinking this is me vs you like we barrack for opposing football teams!

We both (i assume) barrack for the good guys yes? Then why do u and i have different opinions on who is a good guy and who is a bad guy? it all boils down to information!

if u have ZERO idea on why the US is in an ideology war right now then u need to start thinking about it! All this shit runs deep!

Ask urself what Epstein was and what is a honey trap! Then ask urself who uses Honey traps and WHY! Then ask yourself the benefits of honey traps and the control it gives u!

When u can answer this question with logic, talk to me! Until then u are not on my level!

Daily Beatings

Like I said stop watching Fox News.


im watching US carriers in the South China sea! im looking at historical data! Currency wars, trade wars, civil unrest! all the boxes are ticked! intellectual property theft! Trump shaking hands accross the NK DMZ Iranian generals dead Bagdaddi dead Attempted impeachments Chinese virus What other signs u want? Maybe when the dead rise from their graves lol?

We are going to war! PERIOD!

Daily Beatings

“We are going to war! PERIOD!”

Well off you go to fight. Maybe you’ll come back with all your arms and legs,


im in! ill see u on the battle field standing next to your communist Chinese friends as you attempt to take Taiwan! Good luck! Say hello to Ching Kwa Zui and Gwong Dong Lu

May the worst country lose!

Daily Beatings

US success in southeast Asia:

Korea – Draw Vietnam – Loss

Not too good of a scorecard. Maybe they should reconsider?


jesus dude! you are clutching at straws here! those were wars against empires! (proxy wars too)

Where would u rather live? South Korea or North Korea?

if u were Japan, who would u have rather been defeated by with the knowledge of knowing how your future might turn out! America or the Soviets?

I suppose defeating the most powerful military in the world (The British empire) doesnt count? The cold war doesnt count? having the Petro dollar doesnt count? no? The worlds reserve currency status doesnt count? no? u sure about that? Does the Soviet empire exist? no? Did they or did they not capture Germany, holland, Italy, France? In the end you are barracking for China! thats the reality we have here! Which means u need to get your head checked! lol

Whats that saying? u might lose the battle but you can win the war? Remember that?

Then again there are outright victories like Japan! Yeah that Japan who took over Korea and China! That Japan! Yeah that China the US helped save! lol

its funny how you DIDNT MENTION THAT! i wonder why! hmmmm. let me think,,,,, hmmmmmm ahh i know why…… because youre a little butt hurt bitch! thats why! its because u have a sore vagina!


Japan, Guam, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Guinea, Coral sea (south pacific islands and Australia) Guam, midway, Okinawa, China (saved… but oh u forgot that part didnt u lol), south korea (hmmm i wonder which part of korea i want to live in lol), vietnam is now an ally to the USA (huh, go figure that one out)

So what was that u were saying about South East asia? Remind me again? because when i look at a map of US bases in South east asia, i feel like im looking at a 14 year old kid with bad Acne! hahaha its fucking EVERYWHERE!

How’s your vagina feeling today? is it itchy and sore?

Traiano Welcome

Nobody that is anybody is going to sanction China in a scenario likes this:

– None of Europe or the US matters

– Russia won’t

– Africa won’t

– None of Southeast Asia will (Because all China has to do is shot off the 3-gorges Dam and all the downstream countries will cry Uncle – including India) – Australia will huff and puff but do nothing

Trust me, Nobody but the US and few irrelevant islands in the carribean are going to ‘sanction’ China.


The 3 gorges dam hurts china more than anyone else! most of their farming depends on it!

listen to what u are saying! u say that shutting down the dam hurts other nations but u think it doesnt hurt china with its 1.5 billion inhabitants? Do u even hear your own bias?

1. if they shut off the dam it means it fills up! 2. the dam (as of 1 week a go) was 6 metres above its maximum level 3. this dam creates electricity for 36 million people 4. China is flooded and u think shutting / closing a dam hurts other nations? lol 5. the dam its self is a target! 450 million people will die or be heavily effected if that dam breaks! then u have the longer term damage! it holds the single largest body of water in the world within a nation that is jam packed full of people!

Rare earths…. hello…… 5 biggest rare earth nations in the world… 1. Taiwan (has the most) 2, China 3. Australia (actually has the most, explain later) 4. USA 5. india

These are ur REM giants! China with its slaves, cheap labour and deal it has to manufacture the electronics of the world are the reason why nations have not invested into geological research! Yet even still Australia is number 3!

only 20% of Australia has been surveyed yet its number 3 (in reality its equal with china) China has 1 part in 6million REM’s Australia has 1 part in 6 thousand and can also produce REM’s as a bi-product and Co-product!

Australia is not “Searching for REM’s”! Australia produces REM’s by finding them in their iron ore mining as a co-product! Then they produce them as a bi-product of Refining metals!

So let me tell u…. Australia is the True Saudi Arabia of REM’s!

Maybe u should research as to why the USA has now invested so much into australia now! Australia’s REM would be more expensive than china because Australia doesnt use slaves and have the highest minimum wage in the world! however its not about cost anymore, its about national security and intellectual property!

This will explain the TRUE reason for China’s need to take Taiwan! This is a race for the future and REM’s are the key!

Australia and Taiwan are the 2 most important pieces of land right now for both the USA and China!

Having said that, now do the math on the likeliness of a war! Currency wars, trade wars, agitation propaganda, world wars!

its on! no matter what u think! its going to happen!

Traiano Welcome

Please educate yourself on the three gorges issue and why it is China’s lever over the entire SEA region:


You clearly know nothing about the first point in your post so the rest of it is not worth looking at until we fix your misunderstanding of the basics.

The documented FACTS demonstrate that China exercises geopolitical power over the ENTIRE SEA region simply through it’s control of the source of water resources from the Himalaya.

As someone who lives in Asia I can tell you that even on the ground, common people complain about China messing with the Mekong flow in order to annoy countries downstream. The fact that you’re not aware of this fact that even the common Thai rice farmer is aware of paints you as simply ignorant.

PS. If words are not your thing, try taking a look at the MAP. See those lines representing rivers? Notice the source? CHINA.

Ivan Freely

I disagree with the 4 aircraft carriers by 2022. The third one is expected to be built in Shanghai but it’ll take some time to confirm it. There are modules sitting near Dry Dock #4 now and it’s believed to be for their 3rd CATOBAR carrier. The 4th carrier is suppose to be built in Dalian but the only dry dock that can be used is currently building a commercial vessel.

Laurent Parodi

1 Type 001 and 1 type 002 are in active service. 2 type 003 are under construction and are scheduled to be launched before the end of 2021. Delays are possible of course but 4 aircraft carriers are planed to be in active service or in sea trials by the end of 2022.

Tommy Jensen

We still have our nuclear triad unique in the world, plus our space forces plus mini nukes plus secret things.

Traiano Welcome

China has nukes too. Better keep your triad in your pocket unless you want to get into the extinction game.

Think of the “Nuclear Triad” as “Self-Assisted Suicide”

Peter Moy

More provocations by the Einsteins and genius” in Washington, DC. These deranged, diabolical freaks – who are also geography, history and common sense illiterate – have no idea what the repercussions of their endless reckless acts will be. Along with all of the wars, economic sanctions and worldwide antagonizing, it is no wonder that the US is so despised all over the world. Only the subservient lapdogs, slaves and little worm countries still follow these idiots. So the Trumpites and his partners in stupidity (Australia, Britain, Canada, the EU ) can forget about new trade deals and better relations with the PRC in the near future. (US trade deficit for May, 2020 was $ 54.6 BILLION, keep up the good work morons.)

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Yet another opportunity for a Chinese SSK (Type 039B) to pop up between them.

Ivan Freely

The US needs to understand Karma. Soon it’ll be Chinese CBGs operating out in the Caribbean Sea. I can only imagine what the boys in DC would say.


The maori are really impressed by such big iron ships.. the commies on the other hand gets a chance to hone their skills on targets..

Traiano Welcome

You’ve got to stoned mile high on A-grade crystal meth to think that a nation able to land a robot on the far side of the moon is scared of a pair of tin relics of the last century.

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