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1,1m Refugees Arrived Germany in 2015


Nearly one million asylum seekers registered with authorities in Germany in 2015.

1,1m Refugees Arrived Germany in 2015

Crowds of people outside Cologne Main Station in Cologne December 31, 2015

About 1,1m refugees arrived in Germany in 2015. It’s a record influx of refugees that underlines the scale of the migration crisis in Europe.

Half of those seeking refuge are fleeing the deepening conflict in Syria (476,600).

According to German Minister of the Interior, Thomas de Maizière, Berlin is seeking to cut a refugee number in 2016.

However, there are still nearly 356,000 pending applications in the German system, more than double the backlog for the whole of 2014.



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  • This is planned genocide of earths global ethnic minority. Plain and simple.

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