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JUNE 2023

19.12.2015 Yemen Crisis News

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SouthFront is asking you to not judge this video critically. It’s made by our friend, Cineprem. This is his first video. We together will work to rise the quality of his further products.

On December 17, the Saudi Air Force once again violated the ceasefire agreement in Yemen. They conducted airstrikes again the Yemeni Army’s Republican Guard and the Houthis in the Wadi Al-Halilayn area at the Mareb Governorate in southern Yemen.

The Houthi alliance onducted several retaliatory missile attacks against Saudi Arabia’s key military bases and positions in Jizan province on Friday, inflicting heavy losses on the kingdom’s forces. Yemen’s Tochka ballistic missiles hit the Saudi army’s gathering centers in Jizan province. Qaher-I missile hit the Saudi forces’ bases in Najran. Tochka ballistic missile also hit the pro-Hadi forces’ positions in Ma’rib.

Saudi-led coalition reportedly gained control of the city of Al-Hazm on Friday as the Saudi-backed forces broke the ceasefire. The one-week truce was declared to aid the chances of success of peace talks that were expected to resume in Switzerland on Friday. Al-Hazm, capital of the northwestern al-Jawf province, had been under the control of the Houthi alliance until the coalition forces captured it after two days of fighting. Also, the Saudi-backed forces have gained control of al-Labnat military base near al-Hazm.


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