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19.06.15 SouthFront Daily Digest

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Prolonged sanctions against Crimea, MERS in Thailand, no success in Yemen peace talks, Israel helps anti-ISIL coalition, Danish elections and Russia will continue to co-operate with West.


  1. EU prolongs economic sanctions against Crimea till June 2016

19.06.15 SouthFront Daily DigestThe European Union has extended economic sanctions against Crimea for another year and said it still doesn’t recognize Crimea’s reunification with Russia calling it “illegal annexation”.

The sanctions against Crimea and Sevastopol were extended until 23 June 2016, the EU said on Friday. EU prolongs sanctions against democratic choice of Crimeans to live in Russia, but not in fascist Ukraine.

Materials of RT

  1. First Round of Yemen Peace Talks Over, No Success Achieved

19.06.15 SouthFront Daily DigestThe goals set for reconciliation talks between the Yemeni government and Houthi rebels have not been achieved, Yemeni foreign minister said

The first round of indirect reconciliation talks between the Yemeni government and Houthi rebels in Geneva ended on Friday without bringing any positive results, Yemeni Foreign Minister Riad Yassin said.

“The first round of current consultations is over, we are leaving Geneva tomorrow,” Yassin said.

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  1. Israel Helps Anti-ISIL Coalition to Track Foreign Fighters – State Dep’t

19.06.15 SouthFront Daily DigestIsrael has contributed intelligence on foreign fighters seeking to join the Islamic State despite not being a member of the coalition targeting the militant group, the US State Department’s annual terrorism report said on Friday.

An estimated 20,000 foreign fighters have joined the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, according to the US National Counterterrorism Center.

US officials determined at least 180 Americans had joined or attempted to join ISIL in Iraq and Syria.

Materials of Sputnik

  1. Thailand confirms its first case of MERS

19.06.15 SouthFront Daily DigestThailand has confirmed its first case of MERS, representing a further spread of the deadly respiratory disease from the Middle East to eastern Asia, Thai Public Health Minister Rajata Rajatanavin said Thursday.

A man was diagnosed with MERS after he traveled to Thailand from a Middle Eastern country on June 15, Rajatanavin said.

Materials of CNN

  1. Danish election: Opposition bloc wins

19.06.15 SouthFront Daily DigestDenmark’s opposition parties have beaten the governing coalition after a close general election.

The centre-right group led by ex-PM Lars Lokke Rasmussen beat Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s centre-left coalition, although her party is the largest.

Ms Thorning-Schmidt has now stood down as Social Democratic Party leader.

The right-wing, anti-immigration Danish People’s Party will become the second-largest in parliament.

Materials of BBC

  1. Putin: Russia ‘will continue to co-operate with West’

19.06.15 SouthFront Daily Digest“Our financial and banking systems have adapted to new conditions,” Mr Putin said.

Russia had been forced to replace imports with domestic products and “achieved noticeable results,” he said.

He also called on Ukraine to give more rights to the eastern rebel regions.

Materials of BBC



EU prolongs economic sanctions against Crimea till June 2016; Thailand has confirmed its first case of MERS; no success achieved in Yemen peace talks; Israel helps anti-ISIL coalition; Denmark’s opposition parties have beaten the governing coalition; Russia will continue to co-operate with West.

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