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19.04.2016 Crisis News

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Video editor: Lorenzo Nacci

On April 17, An IL-76 cargo plane delivered a humanitarian cargo to some 200,000 residents of the Syria’s city of Deir Ezzor, besieged by ISIS militants. The plane was freighted by World Food Program and escorted by Russian Su-30 fighter jets.

European defense officials are to discuss sending troops to Libya. The talks come as UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond pays an unannounced visit to Tripoli in a show of support for the country’s new UN-backed government. The UK is in talks to deploy as many as 1,000 troops.

The newly updated tips page by the German Foreign Ministry for tourists going to Turkey now includes a new piece of advice: don’t criticize the Turkish state. It comes amid a freedom of speech scandal over a German comic’s video mocking the Turkish president.

The concern is increasing over the actions of pro-government forces in Afghanistan, after a new UN report found there had been a 70 percent increase in civilian casualties caused by forces aligned to the government in Kabul. 127 people had been killed and a further 242 wounded by pro-government forces within the first three months of 2016.

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Daniel Rich

Smother the lot in Aleppo first, because with way too may fronts to attend to, it’s crucial to douse the flames of the biggest hot-spots first [a priori].

Don’t follow the takfiri terrorists, drag them around by their noses…. straight into the abyss…

My cat, BishiBashi, will lead the way…

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