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MAY 2021

(18+) Novorossian Warriors Destroyed Kiev’s Sabotage-Reconnaissance Group

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Novorossian battalion ‘Sparta’ destroyed sabotage-reconnaissance group of pro-Kiev terrorist battalion ‘Azov’ last night. Terrorists had been tried to infiltrate into Novorossian territory when ‘Sparta’ warriors faced them by surprise concentrated fire. All militants were killed.

Killed pro-Kiev terrorists are on the photos below:

(18+) Novorossian Warriors Destroyed Kiev's Sabotage-Reconnaissance Group  (18+) Novorossian Warriors Destroyed Kiev's Sabotage-Reconnaissance Group


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  1. Aszkri says:

    Их души вечно гореть в огне ада

  2. Hammerstrike says:


    I hope these scumbags suffered and that a flamethrower is used against them the next time.

    1. Michael Stronk says:

      Don’t be a piece of shit, they’re people too. Possibly even forced into the war by Ukraine’s fucked up Government.

      Long live Novorossiya.

      1. Drinas says:

        Well,if they are Azov battalion-or some other “volunteer” battalion,then they got what they deserved.That is highly likely since they were a recon group.Regular GIs don’t do that stuff..Still,they are indeed human beings,no matter how fucked up their psyche is..

  3. Benoit says:

    Good job guys. Support to the DPR and LPR from France (country occupied by the Empire)

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