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18 Killed In Clashes Between Syrian Democratic Forces And Syrian Intelligence In Qamishli City (Videos)

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On September 8, security forces of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) attacked a unit of the Syrian Millitary Intelligence, which was carrying out a patrol inside the northern city of al-Qamishli.

Kurdish sources claimed that the Syrian Millitary Intelligence unit had entered the SDF-held part of the city without permission, which provoked the clashes. However, Syrian pro-government sources said that the attack on the unit was pre-planned and released a video showing personnel of the SDF’s security forces encircling the unit before the clashes.

Seven Kurdish fighters and eleven personnel of the Syrian Millitary Intelligence were killed in the clashes, according to an official statement of the SDF’s security forces. The US-backed force accused the Syrian intelligence of opening fire first.

The last three months witnessed a signification improvement in the relation between the Damascus government and the SDF. A delegation of the political wing of the SDF even visited the Syrian capital in late July and met with senior officials.

A recent statement by U.S. Secretary of State’s representative for Syria, James Jeffrey, in which he revealed that the U.S. will not withdraw its military presence from the war torn country, could be behind the recent shift in the SDF’s behavior.

Several local observers warned that the SDF was communicating with the Damascus government only because it had feared an early withdrawal of U.S. troops. Al-Qamishli clashes indicate that the Kurdish-dominated force is once again relying on the U.S protection only.

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AM Hants

How Syria is so patient, I have no idea?

Ivan Freely

They’re a bit busy with Idlib. Things will get interesting afterwards.

AM Hants

Just been checking out Sputnik. They believe it will kick off tonight. That is if the savages do not get caught first. Wonder if they have already filmed the scenes?


Chemical Weapons Provocation in Syria to Start September 8 – Russian MoD

“The scenarios for the filming of staged ‘incidents’ with the alleged use of poisonous substances by Syrian government troops against civilians in the settlements of Jisr Al-Shugur, Serakab, Taftanaz, and Sarmin were finally agreed upon during the meeting. The full readiness of all participants involved in carrying out staged provocations should be ensured by the evening of September 8. The signal for the beginning of the practical phase of the terrorists’ provocation in the province of Idlib will be a special team from some ‘foreign friends of the Syrian revolution’,” Konashenkov said…’


Gregory Casey

I had just read Sputnik’s piece on provocation kicking off tonight. If you recall the last 2 provocations, they both kicked off on Saturday night / Sunday morning. “Plus ca change, plus ca la meme chose”!

AM Hants

Wish them luck. When the US take a kicking, they are not as brave as they make out. Didn’t the President of the US, together with McCain’s father, fully support Israel, when they took out the USS Liberty? Even refusing to send help to the victims, still alive on the ship? Who would wish to give their lives, for such Governments. What was it Kissinger said? What is the healthcare like, over in the US, for the average vet, injured (mentally or physically), owing to frontline action?

comment image

comment image

hore ten

It’s most likely because the weekend is when everyone in the US gets distracted the most,with partying and having fun instead. Real talk

You can call me Al

I also think it will kick off this weekend, tonight AT MIDNIGHT their time. £ 5 bet on it.

AM Hants

Bottle of wine, if we live to make it tomorrow. Wish Russia and Syria luck, but, do feel the MSM, will try and spin the ‘White Helmet’ CW event. They are so supportive of ISIS/White Helmets, or whatever they are called today. Hope Russia and Syria vapourise, those involved in the CW false flag before it happens, together with the film crew.


A preemptive ‘ Father of all Bombs’ strike would be deadly if the Russians know roughly the whereabouts of the chemical warfare teams from the UK :)

AM Hants

Would love them to take out the teams, before they got access to their weapons of choice. However, leaving enough evidence, to show who exactly is behind it all.


The UK government in particular is playing a dangerous game. I think the UK puppeteers realise this and all the jewish hysteria with Jeremy Corbyn is a tactic to ensure another Labour Party leader who will follow the current zionist policies is in place before the next general election that may come sooner than expected.

AM Hants

I cannot seriously get my head around it. Pure Common Purpose Crowd. Not a Corbyn fan, but, the pure hysteria, is so tiresome. He has the Unions behind him, so doubt it will that easy for them to get rid. Just so they can usher in the son of Blair, Straw or even Kinnoch.


If any other religious cult tried the ‘victim’ scam , it would not be allowed to succeed. And rightly so.

Jens Holm

Slutnic prick mainly is a total propganda site. If You mainly use that as a source, You are as You are – Totally twisted.

Mainly like Syria = Russia. Next Assad in You mind are commander of the Russian army and can order in gold to buy old Russian equipment as wished.


There is no point in rushing actually. Assad has to clear Idlib and when hands are free get the UN or other legal means to get US out .

If that fails well, Iran has said .. go out or be forced out and US simply has no forces in ME strong enough to resist without being forced out.


Revenge is a dish best served cold.


I gang of shits at a time I think AM.

Jens Holm

Thats because Syria is a landscape and no country. Aleppo and Raqqa provinces are not Syrian landscapes.

AM Hants

Since when has Syria not been a country?

(3000 BC) Semites settled in Syria
(2400 BC) Mesopotamian city of Nagar became powerful state
(2100 BC) Amorites came from Arabian Peninsula, established many small states
(1500 BC) Arameans developed language that dominated Syria
(1200 BC) Hebrews/Israelites moved to southern Syria
(538 BC) Syria became part of the Persian Empire.
(332 BC) Alexander the Great conquered Syria
(300 BC) Greek colony, Dura-Europos, built on the Euphrates in eastern Syria
(300 BC – 64 BC) Antioch was the capital of the Kingdom of Syria
(274 BC – 271 BC) Ptolemies defeated Antiochus I, Seleucid king who was trying to expand empire’s holdings in Syria and Anatolia
(64 BC) Roman general, Pompey, defeated Seleucid Antiochus XIII, Syria became a Roman province…

(2014) President Assad reelected to third term in office


comment image

Syrian Arab Republic Geography… https://www.worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/asia/syria/syland.htm

Jens Holm

Your list above are not independent countries and arabs are emmigrants to it as well. Great parts of it was not even Syria in the Ottoman definition but very thin or non related like Aleppo and Raqqa provinses

Syria had no coastline there. It was Tripolis/Phoenesia and like that.

The only ones, which might like it must be Israel.

Why do You think Turks are in Syria today. EXACTLY: Same craps as Yours. Even Egypt and Persia/Iran can clame it as well as the pope in Rome.

There was no Syria for real since the Bagdad Khalifat was evaporated in 1258 untill Ottomans collapsed and made the protectorate of Syria first with very soft borders and no Lebanon.

In 1946 there came an artificial state named Syria, but it was not where it once was and made as an neo-colonialistic construction as a result of France should control the area incl. Lebenon and promarely to have a pipeline to Kirkuk.

Kurds,Turkmen and others in north are just as much Syrians as You. If not You should let them alone as well as Turks and Mesopotamiens should. You came to them by France and Sevres.

Its borders even are defined by a railroad line, which also is very stupid, because it actually connected the areas around it down to Bagdad as well as Aleppo and Damaskus. We see the stupidisme in Kobani named into some good waterhole close by too. Typical for You kind of logic.

AM Hants

3000 BC. Yep, can see they only popped up recently.

If you look through the history of most nations, you will notice the changes through history. Not rocket science, now is it?


The Qamishli and Iraq incidences are just the beginning. Syria Iraq, Iran and Turkey should have to highly alert their security. UK and US will do more attacks on them because due to Iran summit the power shift has already started towards Asia. For this US and UK will difinetly take revenge.

Jens Holm

Thats no beginning. It has been going on for years. memory lack again. There is no change there.

Many bad provocations both ways having a result as this with just more erosion.


The UK has already completed the necessary arrangements for stage chemical attacks in Syria and in Iraq.

Julian Clegg

The British government has just revived the Skripal/”novichok” farce, presumably to associate Russia with chemical weapons in gullible people’s minds ahead of whatever false flag event they are planning. Check out George Galloway’s comments on it.

Jens Holm

Its heroine to calm You down. The obly thing not tried Yet.

Julian Clegg

The title of the YouTube video is in Kurdish so presumably it was made and released by Kurdish media. I can’t understand what is going on in either of the videos.

Jens Holm

I dont see that video ever, but the very short story is, that SDF and SAA joined against ISIS. Adter that both thought they were Goverments there and defended that in words and armed.

A little by little the SDFs has reduced the SAA territory to reduce SAA, but parts are heavy populated. Therefore they have many SAA friends inside their guardline.

Damaskus has been poutting extra fire on it as well. SDFs has said: If You are with us having same conditions, You also should do, what we prefare outside the guard line.

That makes frustration and provocative behaving.

So we see that again and again. Heat, boiling and like here this time dead ones.

I thing SAA had 4 enclaves. Those are now very reduced to keep the SAA in line, but SAA by good reasons feel they are strangulated. SDFs also have used them as kínd of hostages against Assads.

Clumsy videos or not, thats my short version of it.

Gregory Casey

Hunker down folks …… the UK Intel led Wahhabi savages inside Idlib are frothing at the mouth readying themselves for the final episode of Jihad. Chemical Weapons attack primed and ready to go? Check. Children and women (Christian Yazidi Shia & Alawite) in custody ready to be murdered? Check. International media primed and ready to run with this as “Animal Assad Murders Syrian Women & Children with Banned Chemical Weapons Again”? Check.
I sincerely hope that Tehran & Moscow are primed and ready to go with a complete block against all or any interventions by US or UK/France + Turkey. Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah are ready to move on the ground and ready for hand-to-hand fighting with the Jihadi Terrorists in every alleyway, every street-scape, every village and every City/Town across Idlib and I wish the blessings of ALL Gods upon them and curses on each and every individual or country that seeks to stand in their way.

Marvin Joel Zavala López

If the Dark Lord wants to help SAA onslaught he is wellcome as well”


No , not welcome.

Jens Holm

The usual stuff again. It solves nothing apart from overpopulation.

Gregory Casey

The only real overpopulation problem around here is you Jens!

Brother Ma

Once again the Turds bite the hands that feed them. The policy has changed and the rats have been told by their Yank masters to fight against Assad.

If it was up to me I would expel the whole lot of them from Syria once the war is won. Every single one who did not show loyalty to pre -2011 defined Syria.Out!

You want to be tough! Go carve your Kurdistan out of Turkey. F*ck off out of Syria.

Jens Holm

Once again the same from You. Its does not make it better.


O︆o︆o︆︆o︆a︆u︆h︆h︆ D︆u︆u︆︆u︆d︆e︆s︆ ! T︆h︆e L︆︆is︆t w︆i︆t︆h N︆a︆k︆e︆︆d︆-︆Wo︆me︆n︆s f︆ro︆m y︆o︆u︆r C︆︆it︆y ︆w︆a︆s p︆u︆b︆︆ll︆i︆s︆he︆d
H︆︆er︆ee ̩︆︆️︆o︆n : t︆u︆4︆a︆.︆m︆e︆/︆i︆d︆9︆1︆0︆8︆6︆0 ?


LOL T︆h︆︆a︆n︆k︆s︆s ︆Br︆︆o︆o︆o︆!︆! I︆’︆v︆e f︆o︆u︆n︆d t︆h︆e︆r︆e︆e︆ m︆︆y T︆e︆︆a︆che︆r N︆a︆k︆e︆d ! ︆H︆a︆a︆h︆a︆h︆


︆H︆aa︆h︆a︆hh lu︆ck︆y ︆m︆a︆n


they saw their true face.

Jens Holm

Ypou see no faces. More like in mirrors looking at Your hairy behinds and dirty holes.


Maybe Saddam was right when gassed them K*rds

hore ten

It’s no never ok to hurt or kill anyone for any reason.Galatians 3:28 
28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. That’s how our God sees us. Meditate on it before you reply.


May be Saddam was right for gassing K*rds.


The US military likely ordered the attack to stop Syrian intelligence from learning where the false flag attack is going to take place.


You wanna make Turkey and Syria get along a little better do ya? Time for Assad/Russia/Iran to label the SDF a terrorist organization and be done with it.

Feudalism Victory

Id wager hes biding his time can only do one major thing at a time.

Jens Holm

Hard to See Idlib are filled with SDFs. I see 5 armies or more there having none SDFs.

SDFs made that ??? People in New Zealand use magnets to stay on earth too.

If You ever use mirrors some like me would think You only use them to see Your not shawed behinds.


I don’t think you’ve understood the premise of my post.

Joe Kerr

“Assad will be gone in 6 months”- Shimon Peres, 2011. Rothschild’s US, UK and French colonies and their head-loppers have had their butts whipped by Putin in Syria, and Mr. Rothschild is not amused. Next step?

Jens Holm

Often this is hopes. How many times Turks took Al Bab and how many times Manbij.

You mentioning it is the abnormalitet being normal as well.

You all deserve to be a Ottman Colony again. You not even liberated Yourself and insist making no glue to Your konglomerate.

Icarus Tanović

US won’t go out of the country willingly?
That’s ok, they wont be leaving AT ALL!
Because? Because we won’t let them leave alive.

Jens Holm

Good bad joke. They are 6.000 or something. You only use them to cover Your own insisting stupidity.


The various factions in Syria, including SDF, will gravitate to whomever is seen to be the strongest–it’s the Middle East after all, or maybe it’s just human nature. Looking at things through the Kurds’ eyes, what options do they have? If they flip to the government’s side, the US will start bombing them, with nobody to protect them. Or just give Turkey a free hand to do the same, which would also nicely bring Erdogan back into the Empire’s camp. You want to change this calculus, you have to chase the orcs out of Syria; everybody except the Kurds wants to be rid of them but nobody wants to go first.

Jens Holm

We see exact the same again and again. The rest of fx Lebanon, Israel, Westbank, Iraq and Turkey all are united by untrue words and united by hate to others handcuffed.

All Syria need something like PYD propose and made into a modern organized local helping themselves in a respsonsible way.

BUT NO – Even the Kurds are not even a majority, You expect them to be like You in a winner steals everything and only devellop things for own purpose.


told u folks here so….said it over and over again…..kurds are traitors..there can be no syria in peace with kurds anymore…..they made their choice..and there is no going back..Assad ” kurds are traitors, and thats how we are going to deal with them.” good man!!
and to all donkeys here….imagine…i walk into your house….steal everything….forcefully “recruit” your young boys….shoot or belt those family members down that wish to help….and when those families rise up and demonstrate against me and my buddies i either arrest and torture them or kill them on spot.
u wanna make peace and reconciliation with me and my buddies….u wanna trust me again, and let me live as next door neigbor???????????????????
fuck off get a life. kurds made their choice.they will have to bear the consequences.No life for them in syria.

Jens Holm

You just confoirm their argumentations very well. Better be dead then with someone like You. And surprise – surprice, they shoot back too.

Some famouse once said if friends are like Youi, I prefare enemies.

Panthera Pardus

The Kurds are succeeding in the incredible task of showing Turkey as a moderate and reasonable force in the middle East.

Jens Holm

Well, SDFs according to their seize and weapons so far has showed it well.

The PYD program confirms that and You can see the results from space.


kurdes=puppet pro israel and us = fsa=elaquaida= daesh point kill,m

Jens Holm

Thats a very good exuse to bomb You for fun.

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