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JUNE 2023

18.05.2015 Ukraine Crisis news

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Military intelligence of the Donetsk Peoples Republic has uncovered the efforts of the Ukrainian Security Service to organize a chain of terrorist acts in Donetsk, Eduard Basurin, the official spokesman of the DPR Defence Ministry told a news briefing on Friday.He said the terrorist acts would most likely be organized in the run-up to an EU summit in Riga.He recalled that Kiev had more than once demonstrated its capability to resort to the most audacious steps and organize terrorist acts against civilians in the areas of Donbas under its control.

Activity of volunteer battalions near the village of Shirokino in embattled Donbas hampers the conclusion of an agreement on a local ceasefire, Russias Permanent Representative to the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe Andrei Kelin told last Friday.Kelin is doubtful that relevant agreements would be negotiated at a next meeting of the working group in charge of military affairs at the Contact Group on resolving the Ukraine conflict.”All this is not so realistic since Ukrainian forces, especially volunteer battalions, are interfering, and in particular, are hampering the OSCE observers work,” he said.

Artists of the Lviv National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet have issued an appeal protesting performers’ mass conscription into the Ukrainian army.In an appeal published on their official Facebook page, they have reported that nearly three dozen performers have received draft notices, including members of the orchestra, choir singers, opera and ballet soloists, so-called Honored Artists and even a People’s Artist of Ukraine.This situation clearly showsus the main approach of any kind of Ukrainian patriotism.The louder so-called Ukrainian patriots argue to kill Russian-speaking populationand support Kievs coup, the more they cry when results of their actions have influenced them.

A tank park where civilians can watch and even ride Russian armored vehicles has been opened in the village of Prokhorovka. Its the site of an iconic tank battle in World War II that took place in 1943. The park is part of a massive military museum currently undergoing massive expansion in the village, which is in the Belgorod region in southwestern Russia. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who supervises military programs in the cabinet, attended the opening ceremony on Saturday. The tank park can accommodate up to 1,300 spectators, who can watch tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and similar hardware roll across difficult terrain.

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