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17yo Girl Found Dead At Migration Centre In Sankt Augustin As Anti-Refugees Protest Erupted Near Berlin


17yo Girl Found Dead At Migration Centre In Sankt Augustin As Anti-Refugees Protest Erupted Near Berlin

A body of 17-year-old from the German town of Unkel was found inside an asylum centre in the western German town of Sankt Augustin. According to reports, the girl’s belongings were found by police on the banks of a lake located near the asylum centre.

Police said that they had opened an investigation and arrested a suspect in connection with what they suggested could be a relationship act-related murder

“The accused admits to exercising violence against her,” Bonn’s Chief Public Prosecutor Robin Fassbender told German news agency DPA. “We are therefore assuming a deliberate homicide.”

The General-Anzeiger newspaper cited a police spokesperson as saying that the suspect is a 19-year-old German national, who also has a Kenyan passport.

Earlier, the girl’s parents said that she had been missing since November 30, when she planned to meet her female friend in Bonn but never arrived.

On December 4, about 300 people participated in demonstrations against German refugee policy in Koenigs Wusterhausen near Berlin. The demonstrations were triggered by a contorversion situation with a reported rape of 15-year-old. According to the victim, she had been molested by two refugees in a public bath in November.

However, recently, the prosecutor claimed the accusation has not been confirmed. A spokesman claimed that one does not rule out that the young the girl invented it and a 21-year-old initially detained in pre-trial detention should be released.

The refugee policy of the Merkel government has been for a long time causing jitters within the German society. Variuos media outlets, analysts and officials have provided multiple statements, articles and opinions on this situation. There are also some proposals in the intellectual sphere how the situation can be settled. One of these proposals is below:

  1. Equality is an important value, but only in the case if the side pretending to be threated this way has already proven and shown that it’s commited to this “equality” itself. The side ingoring the concept and priciples of equality cannot be considered as equal.
  2. Tolerance is another value that can be employed only if the side, which cannot be viewed as equal by some reasons [lack of education, culture etc], does not violate the concept of tolerance and equality intentionally.
  3. A group can be responsible for actions of a separate person if this person recongizes itself as a member of this group and the group publicly recognizes this person as its member.
  4. Crimes commited by “newcomers” or those who act in the way described in Points 1-3 should be determined and punished more strictly because of the abovementioned reasons.
  5. Police should get additional rights to use force and control, which would correspond with the current situation in Germany.
  6. All sides should be informed about the aforementioned points if they are employed.



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