Alert at Incirlik Air Base



ADANA – Doğan News Agency. The alert level at Turkey’s İncirlik Air Base in Adana province (Turkey) has been raised to its highest level. Incirlik Air Base is the home of the 10th Air Wing (Ana Jet Üs or AJÜ) of the 2nd Air Force Command (Hava Kuvvet Komutanlığı) of the Turkish Air Force (Türk Hava Kuvvetleri). The Air Base also houses warplanes for the U.S.-led coalition.

The alert level at the base has occasionally been raised to Threatcon Delta, the highest alarm level, rather than Threatcon Charlie, the next highest level after Delta. This threat level is usually only used when there is information on a specific, known threat.

Turkish security officials maintain 24-hour security at its highest level at the base. Shuttles for Turkish personnel have also been using different gates at the base for a while.

On Wednesday, a strong Syrian Kurdish political party named as the Democratic Union Party spokesman Nawaf Khalil said that his party has been planning to declare a federal region in northern Syria, the model which he said can be applied to the whole country. At the end of a Kurdish conference that is being held in the town of Rmeilan in the country’s northern Hassakeh province today, a declaration is expected regarding this federalization plan.

A short time ago (1-3 hours) ISIS have reportedly launched a counter offensive in north Aleppo countryside and have  recaptured Dudiyan.


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