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17,000 Security Personnel Died In Afghanistan Since November 2018: President

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About 17,000 security personnel have died in Afghanistan since November 2018, according to data provided by the country’s President Ashraf Ghani.

Ghani revealde during a panel at the World Economic Forum on January 24 that more than 45,000 security personnel have lost their lives since he took the office in September 2014. In November 2018, this number was 28,000.

17,000 Security Personnel Died In Afghanistan Since November 2018: President

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Add to the number, the wounded , and we have numbers that cannot be sustained after 17 years of war.

You can call me Al

The Yankers ripped the Country to shreds, hitting infrastructure and the economy. The men have to support their large families and in my view, the only possibility they have to earn anything, is by joining the army / police……. and so it continues around and around.

It is the US art of invasions and wars –comment image?itok=COhS8tkA


“To shreds” is precisely the plan.

As from 9/11, Admiral Cebrowski’s assistant, Thomas P. M. Barnett, has given numerous conferences at the Pentagon and in military academies in order to announce the shape of the new map of the world according to the Pentagon [5]. This project was made possible by the structural reforms of US armies – these reforms are the source of this new vision of the world. At first, it seemed so crazy that foreign observers too quickly considered it as one more piece of rhetoric aimed at striking fear into the people they wanted to dominate.

Barnett declared that in order to maintain their hegemony over the world, the United States would have to « settle for less », in other words, to divide the world in two. On one side, the stable states (the members of the G8 and their allies), on the other, the rest of the world, considered only as a simple reservoir of natural resources. Contrary to his predecessors, Barnett no longer considered access to these resources as vital for Washington, but claimed that they would only be accessible to the stable states by transit via the services of the US army. From now on, it was necessary to systematically destroy all state structures in the reservoir of resources, so that one day, no-one would be able to oppose the will of Washington, nor deal directly with the stable states.

The US military project for the world


Just cannon fodder, the US would be pleased, more money to be made training replacements.

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